Making ecommerce more personal

Shopping online is extremely convenient, but we've lost that personal experience that comes from walking into a store and chatting with the people who work there. We're building Maverick to bring some of that back.

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Growing an ecommerce business is hard

We've been building for years. We've launched products, we've killed products, we've spent countless hours trying to get our business off the ground. And along the way we've learned that the most important part of building a successful business is forming strong relationships with your customers.

That's why we built Maverick. We're a team of engineers and entrepreneurs from Stanford and MIT who want to help you form more personalized connections with the people who love your brand.  We want to make it a little (well, a lot) easier for you to send personalized messages to your customers and to create compelling experiences for them.

“Online shopping should look and feel more like shopping in real life.”
Eitan Winer
Founder & CEO
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Meet our team

We're working hard to make customers feel like more than just another order number.

Eitan Winer

I love playing soccer and CS:GO.

Founder & CEO
Debarshi Chaudhuri

One day I will play main stage at EDC.

Founder & CTO
Charles Bergmeier

Pushing the limits of technology towards a better sci-fi future.

Head of Engineering
Daniel Cruz

I like soccer, salsa (not the food), and exploring the world.

Head of Growth