Delight e-commerce customers with personalized videos at scale

Maverick uses AI to help e-commerce stores have personalized interactions with each of their customers across the user journey.

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Record once. Automatically personalize for all.

Maverick lets you call your customers out by name without having to record a new video for every single customer.

Increase customer satisfaction

Build real relationships with your customers by showing them the faces behind the brands and connecting with them in a meaningful way.

  • Automatically personalized videos
  • Delivered over email
  • Branded video pages
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Drive revenue and engagement

Videos are the most effective marketing and engagement content, and personalization is a multiplier on top. Increase your customers' lifetime value through personalized video.

higher email engagement
more repeat purchases
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Get up and running with minimal setup

Other services make you record a new video for each customer you want to reach out to. With Maverick, you record once and your videos are personalized forever.

  • No engineering work required
  • Pre-built scripts and templates
  • Add use cases in minutes
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See how Ava Estell got 40x ROI using personalized videos

Drive customer delight and satisfaction

Brands using Maverick are getting flooded with responses to their videos that look like these.

“It warmed my heart”

Thank you so much for the personal message. It warmed my heart that the creator reached out to me directly. No other company does that. I have to say I've been converted to a lifetime member of your company. I wish you continued success. A forever member.


“Shows your commitment to your work”

Thanks so much for the video. It is seldom you receive a "thank-you" these days from vendors who provide services virtually. So I was really impressed and sincerely grateful. This shows your commitment to your work as well as acknowledging your customers for giving you their business.



Now this is how a company gains customers forever. Thank you, Chris!


Use across your customer journey

From welcoming someone to your email list to re-engaging a customer from years ago, videos made with Maverick drive delight and results.

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Delight your customers by sending them a personalized thank you. Turn your customers into brand apostles.

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Abandoned cart

Recover abandoned carts by sending a personalized video. Convert those lost customers to excited purchasers.

Welcome series

Send a personalized message to welcome your customers and make them feel connected to your brand.

Integrates with your favorite platforms

It doesn't matter if you're built on Shopify or WooCommerce, or if you're using Klaviyo or Omnisend. We can get you up and running with only minutes of effort.

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Send personalized videos to every single customer without spending hours recording.