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How Ava Estell achieved 40X ROI using personalized video campaigns


Yaw Okyere found out that, like many people of color, his wife struggled with hyperpigmentation. What started as a mission to help one person, quickly evolved into Ava Estell - a natural skincare brand that in just a year after launch has helped over 45,000 customers.  In his customers' struggles, Yaw is reminded of his wife's struggles. Because of this, Yaw places huge importance on connecting with his customers and establishing personal relationships with them.





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"Maverick has made me look like a superstar in the eyes of my customers."

Yaw Okore, Founder


With a quickly growing business comes a quickly growing list of responsibilities that can often force a business owner to distance themselves from the day to day and as a result lose touch with customers. However, for Yaw, it's always been extremely important to stay close to his customers and continue treating them like he would his friends. "Everything we do is about our customers and for their benefit. They trust us with their deepest insecurities and that's a responsibility we do not take lightly," says Yaw.


In Maverick, Yaw found a way of communicating with customers through a personalized video that called each of them out by name. Without in-house engineers or full marketing teams, Yaw looked for a platform that required no engineering work and was easy and fast to integrate. Yaw decided to use Maverick's personalized videos for post purchase thank yous and abandoned cart recoveries.  "The setup was straightforward and took less than 30 minutes of my time."

Customer Feedback

"I don't even know how to express my feelings seeing your short video. To say I'm excited would be an understatement."

"Your marketing is so unique! I've never had a personalized video for buying something before! Genius - I will forward the brand to my friends."

"Thank you! That's the first time any company has taken that kind of care to even notice someone completely new!"