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Cameron's Seafood boosts LTV and stands out from the competition by excelling online with superb customer experience powered by AI generated personalized videos


In 1985, brothers Allen and Bijan Manesh founded Cameron's Seafood in Rockville, Maryland. Their sons, cousins Cameron and Pey Manesh have continued the legacy of the family business. True to their Persian heritage, their mission was not only to sell seafood but also to prepare and serve it to their customers at an affordable price so that everyone could enjoy delicious seafood. After seeing customers drive 6 hours+ from other states just to get their higher quality and affordable product, the cousins set to expand outside of their local area.

Within weeks, the cousins had transformed the brand from a local traditional player to launching an online business shipping to seafood lovers across all North America. 9 months into the new project, they had already processed more than 1,500 shipments. Not only does this pose a logistical challenge (crabs need to arrive within 48 hours if not they die) but also a challenge in keeping the same standard of customer experience they had offered clients locally for decades. That's why the cousins decided to prioritize personalization at scale.



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"Working with the Maverick team has been an absolute pleasure. From start to finish, they have been professional, responsive, and incredibly easy to work with. Getting started with their personalized videos was easy. Since implementing these videos into our marketing strategy, we have seen a boost in customer engagement and conversions. We highly recommend the Maverick team and their personalized video service to any business looking to take their marketing to the next level."

Cameron Manesh - President of Cameron's Seafood


As Cameron's Seafood expands to the online space, their vision of serving the famous Chesapeake Bay crabs to customers all around the country can be threatened by logistical and customer experience challenges. For many decades Cameron's Seafood had offered an exceptional service to happy customers locally. But offering the same standard of service and experience that builds great relationships over time requires scalable solutions in the online domain and especially when your market is now national. A good use of tech and innovative solutions to scale good customer experience is thus critical.


Cameron's Seafood decided to place a bet on AI generated personalized videos to scale the quality customer experience they had always offered at a local level. For this feat, they joined forces with Maverick to ensure customers were receiving personalized videos programmatically at different key moments in their customer journey. Their customers are now seeing Scotty, a member of the team, on video with a sample of their crabs in a table in front personally thanking them after a purchase, encouraging customers who abandon carts to complete a purchase and nudging those customers who haven't purchased in a while to purchase again (win back).

Customer Feedback

"Hey Cameron’s Seafood team - this was awesome! I’ve never had such personalized service from any other company before. Really appreciate it and am a fan already"

"Loved the video!! Thanks for such a personal touch. Means a lot in this mostly digital world. Whole family will enjoy the crab legs on Fri or Saturday."

"Hey thank you! I'll be referring a few friends also."

"Hi Scotty, Thanks for the personalized video! I have never had a business send me a personalized message before! This is great!"

"First time ever getting this type of response. Love it!"

"Wow that's a first never had anyone to send me a personal message because I ordered from them."

"Thank you for the video. Much appreciate the special touch!"

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