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How a top Canadian Brand overcomes CBD industry marketing constraints and achieves 150X ROI leveraging AI personalization


The CBD ecommerce industry has seen significant growth in recent years, especially in 2022, when sales in the US alone surged to $9.4 billion. This growth is attributed to a variety of factors, including the expansion of product assortments to cater to diverse customer needs, partnerships with trusted producers for high-quality products, and the strategic use of data analytics for understanding and engaging the target audience. These efforts have not only driven revenue growth but also fostered customer loyalty in a highly competitive market.

Innovative marketing tactics have been crucial for CBD brands, especially considering the restrictions they face in traditional marketing channels. The brands have been leveraging advanced technology, user-friendly ecommerce platforms, and a focus on personalization to enhance the customer experience. Building virtual communities has also been vital, creating a sense of belonging and brand loyalty among consumers. These strategies have helped CBD brands navigate the challenges of limited advertising options and strict regulatory compliance. But some of these constraints keep limiting how CBD brands go to market and communicate with their customers. This case study demonstrates how a top Canadian CBD brand has successfully implemented AI to help bridge that gap and create powerful customer journeys that elevate customer experience in a way consumers have not experienced just yet.





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For CBD brands, navigating the complexities of advertising and customer acquisition is challenging due to strict advertising restrictions. Consequently, engaging existing customers and effectively converting site visitors becomes paramount. In this context, email and SMS marketing stand out as vital channels. However, the real game-changer is the integration of personalized video content into these communications. This approach is crucial for making meaningful connections with both potential and current customers, enhancing the impact of each interaction and driving conversions.


Facing these marketing challenges, the CBD brand found an ideal solution in Maverick's AI platform designed to personalize videos at scale. This technology enabled the brand to incorporate personalized video messages into various key stages of the customer lifecycle like post purchase thank yous, abandoned cart recoveries, etc. This approach provided a unique and engaging way to connect with customers, setting the brand apart in the competitive CBD marketplace.

Customer Feedback

"Thank you so much this is the 1st time I've ever had a company take such care in their Customers, you definitely have some repeat business from us."

"Thanks! Price and quality were top notch we’ll def reorder from you folks. Nice to deal w real people in this day and age. Have a great day."

"Lol that is so awesome, love your smile, I’m just waiting for my pay to come in, about three more hours is all, thank you. Such a cool video:)"

"Thank you 🙏 😊 and I love it I appreciate the video coming from you and yes 🙌 best wishes to y’all have a good week and day"

"Thanks for the nice video looking forward to future purchases"

"You guys are my personal favourite! i’ve recommended you to at least 10 people who are now just as obsessed as me!"

"Wow thanks for the video. Im sure the weed will be as sweet as you. I'll let you know how it goes. Thanks again."

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