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How several Shark Tank Alumni companies are now leveraging AI generated personalized videos to get 50X+ ROI and hundreds of positive reviews


Personalized videos are the most effective piece of marketing content nowadays. As a Shark Tank company it's even more effective. Getting a personalized video from a founder is cool but getting one from a founder you saw on TV is EVEN MORE DELIGHTFUL.

Maverick has been working closely with several Shark Tank Alumni companies like Pnuff Crunch, Action Glow, Nuts 'N More, Shredskinz, Ice Shaker and more. Our AI allows them to send personalized videos to all their customers at scale, delighting their customers and helping them grow revenue.



Ice Shaker's ROI


Ice Shaker's Post Purchase Email Open Rate


Post Purchase Click through rate


Cart recovery rate

"Maverick's personalized videos are a game changer. I love when a customer sends me an email expressing their gratitude for the video and I am able to reply and engage with them. We have seen a significant enrollment in subscriptions when we send the personalized video. Highly recommended"

Juan Salinas - Founder, Pnuff Crunch


Shark Tank companies want to find ways to stand out and develop better long-lasting relationships with their customers.

Their founders have been on TV in the popular show pitching their products and often getting investments from the Sharks.

What if these founders could reach out to each customer with a personalized video. Wouldn't that be super powerful.

But these busy founders can not record themselves for each one of the thousands of customers they may have. That's where a scalable AI solution comes in handy.



Welcome Customers: Build trust & connection from the get go

Show Appreciation: Show that you truly care with a thank you video

Recover Abandoned Carts: Nudge recipients to complete that purchase

Customer Feedback

“Omg! This is amazing that you connect with your customers! This means so much to me that you have taken time to reach out to me! I’m so grateful and excited to start this journey I’ll be sending you videos of my progress."

"OMG!!! No thank you! I have never received a video like this. I can’t wait to try your product!!"

"Dude this is good business. This video is proof you give a shit. That’ll take you wherever you wanna go."

"How great you send out a personal message to people. It’s a nice gesture and really appreciated it"

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