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How Remi delights customers, boosts LTV, and gets 60X ROI via personalized videos


Did you know that 1 in every 4 adults in the US grind or clench their teeth while sleeping? It's called Bruxism and it’s a natural way for stress to leave the body. But unlike biting your nails or twirling your hair, it can cause real damage. It’s also a chronic condition and one that founder Oscar Adelman has been dealing with personally for 10 years. After losing 6 night guards and hundreds of dollars in the process, Oscar set out to find abetter solution and Remi was born.

Remi is on a mission to help people smile with confidence. Many people are put off purchasing night guards due to the high prices dentists offer and the uncomfortable one-size-fits-all solutions in pharmacies. Remi offers the comfort of a custom mouth guard without the dentists’ prices to give everyone a good night’s sleep. It now serves tens of thousands of customers and has managed to generate millions in sales annually by doing a fantastic job of personalizing not only their night guards, but also their customer experience.





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“We're very happy to see all the positive replies our customers are sending us after they get their personalized video."

Oscar Adelman, Founder


Having lived on three continents before the age of20, Oscar understands the importance of personal connection and developing relationships with people no matter the distance and other obstacles.For him, business is no different. At Remi, Oscar has tried to build strong bonds with his customers with tokens of appreciation or gestures like handwritten notes. However, he needed a solution that was also scalable.


Oscar found in AI generated personalized videos a fantastic way to continue the personalized experience that his product offers and to delight customers. Oscar and his team recorded three videos for key use cases - abandoned cart recoveries, post-purchase thank yous and failed payment follow ups. With Maverick's magic they are now sending personalized videos where Oscar greets each customer by name.

Customer Feedback

"This is brilliant customer service and welcome. I feel like you care and I paid a million bucks."

"Wow, very impressed with the personalized TY....looking forward to receiving your product!!"

"This is GREAT! I work in digital entertainment, so I can definitely appreciate a personalized video! Already loving this company."

"Unbelievable!! A personal video?! I am impressed,Oscar. :D"