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Roots of Success: Plantmade’s Innovative AI Approach to Personalized Customer Interactions Leads to 70X ROI


Plantmade, a UK-based wellness brand specializing in natural hair care products, was founded in 2020 by Ama Amo-Agyei. Ama's journey began amidst the pandemic's peak when she lost her job and decided to pursue her entrepreneurial spirit. Starting from her home, she created hand-made, plant-based products for hair and beard growth, driven by her personal experiences with hair loss and breakage. This venture quickly escalated, with the brand selling thousands of units in its first year and amassing over 50,000 global customers today.

Ama's initial product, developed to address her own hair growth challenges, turned a £100 investment into £1000 in just ten days of online sales. Plantmade's commitment to inclusivity, offering products suitable for all hair and skin types, has been a cornerstone of its brand identity. Ama has also been a driving force in the brand's marketing, often serving as the face of the brand herself. Her personal involvement in the brand's advertising and her commitment to innovation have been pivotal in building a deep, personal connection with the customer base. Ama's story has not only been inspiring but also instrumental in establishing trust and authenticity in the brand's marketing efforts. Her presence in ads and promotional materials adds a layer of personal touch, making Plantmade's marketing strategy relatable and effective in resonating with its audience.





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Ama Amo-Agyei - Founder, Plantmade


Despite the early success and rapid growth, Plantmade faced the challenge of sustaining and deepening its customer engagement in an increasingly competitive market. The personal care and wellness industry is known for its scepticism, especially regarding products promising hair regrowth. Plantmade needed to build trust with potential customers, ensuring they saw the brand not just as another option, but as a community they could trust and rely on for their wellness needs​


To overcome this challenge, Plantmade partnered with Maverick to leverage AI technology for personalized engagement. Recognizing Ama’s compelling story and the brand’s community-driven ethos, Maverick's solution involved embedding personalized video messages from Ama in critical touchpoints of the customer journey. This approach not only highlighted the authentic origins of the brand but also provided a unique and personal interaction with the founder herself, strengthening the trust and bond with the customers.

Customer Feedback

"Thank you so much! I love my products and your amazing customer service. Will definitely be ordering again"

"This is the sweetest and possibly the most fierce customer service I have every received"

"Yes thank you :) And thank you for being so kind enough to send a “thank you” video. I appreciate it a lot!"

"I appreciate your video! Thank you for such great customer service, I'm excited to try the products. Have a great day"

"Your marketing is top tier lol im excited to use the product"

"Oh wow. How lovely is this....a personal message. I look forward to using your products as the reviews have been so positive."

"Love this! So nice that you message your customers, makes the experience feel more personal and your customers feel more valued. Thanks you"

"Such a lovely welcome and message I look forward to my hair journey and being apart of the PlantMade family :)"

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