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Shaking Up CX and Engagement: Ice Shaker's Journey to 80X ROI with AI-Personalized Video Outreach


Ice Shaker, the brainchild of former NFL player Chris Gronkowski, came into existence in 2016 with a vision to revolutionize the protein shaker market. Chris, after an illustrious football career playing for teams like the Dallas Cowboys, Indianapolis Colts, and the Denver Broncos, embarked on this entrepreneurial journey to address the common issues athletes faced with existing protein shakers.

The brand quickly gained traction, with its innovative stainless-steel protein shaker becoming a hit among fitness enthusiasts. A significant leap came when Chris pitched Ice Shaker on the reality TV show Shark Tank, propelling the brand into the limelight and bringing in over $3 million in sales post-appearance. Besides, Chris’s knack for marketing played a pivotal role in this success. He utilized social media and email marketing effectively to build brand awareness and drive sales, demonstrating that with the right marketing strategies, even a niche product could achieve mainstream success.





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"Working with the Maverick team was easy and efficient.  We were up and running within a week.  I had tried handwritten notes, and post purchase thank you emails and free gifts, but nothing connected us with our customers like Maverick has."

Chris Gronkowski - Founder / CEO, Ice Shaker


As Ice Shaker continued to grow, the demand for maintaining a robust connection with their expanding customer base became imperative. The brand had already been harnessing email marketing, which proved fruitful, but with the increasing competition and market saturation, there was a need to further personalize their customer engagement strategies. The challenge was to create a more personalized and engaging customer experience without overwhelming their existing operational capacities. Moreover, with the evolving consumer preferences towards personalized interactions, it was crucial for Ice Shaker to adapt and maintain a meaningful connection with their customers to sustain their loyalty and support.


In the quest to provide a more intimate and engaging customer experience, Ice Shaker turned to Maverick's AI. They introduced personalized video messages from their founder, Chris Gronkowski, at critical moments along the customer journey. Recognizing the founder's popularity and the impact of his professional sports background, Ice Shaker capitalized on Chris's image to forge a stronger connection with their audience. The customers' admiration for Chris turned an ordinary purchase into a memorable brand interaction. The process of getting started with Maverick was straightforward, involving only a minimal time investment of 45 minutes, making it an incredibly efficient solution for enhancing their customer engagement strategies.

Customer Feedback

"Wow! Honestly an honor sir and appreciate the personal video. My son and I are huge Broncos fans and this made my day! I will definitely recommend IceShaker to everyone. And I have already written a review. I believe how you have reached out is one of the greatest personal touches I have ever seen, and I know I’ll be back for more! Thank you again so much!"

"This is bad@ss! That’s how you get someone to write a review! My bottle is arriving today, but I’m sure I’m going to love it"

"Thanks for the video. I'm sure I will love the ice shaker. I've been away on vacation so haven't gotten home to use it yet but will absolutely leave a review once I do."

"This is so cool I didn’t expect this message at all! I’ll absolutely leave you a review this is incredible. I hope you have a great rest of your day!"

"Thank you so much for such great customer service. It’s because of that that I chose IceShaker over other shaker bottles out there. Keep up the great work!"