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Transcending Traditional CX: Dr. Squatch Achieves Big Engagement Boost Using AI Generated Personalized Videos


Dr. Squatch, founded by Jack Haldrup in 2013, emerged with a vision to provide natural soap and grooming products for men. The brand, originating from a small-scale garage setup, has now become a household name with its base in Los Angeles. The turning point for Dr. Squatch came when they embraced innovative marketing strategies, including a noteworthy Super Bowl advertisement, tactics which significantly contributed to their brand's current success and recognition​. Their engaging, humor-driven campaigns significantly amplified the brand’s reach and resonance with audiences. Their "Save Your Skin" campaign notably clinched the No. 1 spot on YouTube's 2020 "TrueView for Action" list, marking a hallmark of marketing success​.

With the aid of comedic elements and relatable content, Dr. Squatch's marketing endeavors, particularly their commercials featuring comedian James Schrader, garnered over 120 million views across YouTube and Facebook. This creative approach to marketing not only catapulted their brand recognition but also had a substantial impact on their sales, propelling them to over $100 million in annual revenue. The brand’s success in crafting engaging marketing narratives showcases their prowess in blending humor, education, and brand-centric messaging to foster a robust and engaged community around their products.



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"The addition of personalized videos in our campaigns has been a game-changer for our engagement rates. Overall, Maverick has been an extremely valuable tool that’s easy to implement and has made a significant impact on engagement and customer satisfaction. My experience working with Maverick has been great all around! Their team is quick to assist with anything I’ve needed from getting set up to optimizing our marketing campaigns. It’s clear that they’re committed to providing a unique and positive customer experience."

Andy Hamm - Lifecycle Marketing Manager, Dr. Squatch


Dr. Squatch has always been dedicated to maintaining a robust connection with its expansive customer base, frequently running email and SMS campaigns to keep their community engaged and informed. However, with the growing volume and frequency of their campaigns, they recognized an opportunity to elevate the customer experience by adding a more personalized touch at scale. The challenge lay in delivering this personalized experience without compromising the efficiency and reach of their campaigns, ensuring that each interaction resonates with the customers, making them feel valued and appreciated.


The solution surfaced with Maverick, which enabled Dr. Squatch to personalize their email and SMS campaigns at scale using AI-generated videos. This innovation allowed them to embed personalized videos in emails and SMS sent during key moments of the customer journey, including abandoned cart recoveries, post-purchase thank yous, welcome and winbacks. The integration of Maverick’s smart links made it seamless to embed the videos in their Klaviyo email templates and send them straight from their Klaviyo flows. Moreover, the Postscript SMS integration facilitated sending personalized videos through SMS.

Customer Feedback

"James I was shocked to see this. I have tried your product in the past and that's what made me come back. I never received something like this from a company and I can say this, the short video alone shows what kind of company this is and I appreciated it."

"Thank you, I don't know what to say. I surely didn't expect this at all. I plan on purchasing more for all the guys in my family for Christmas gifts."

"Sure James. Great Video. I was literally on the fence between ordering from your site versus another. I believe I made the Right Choice! To send a personal message to me was amazing!"

"Wow talk about a personal connection!!! You've got a follower for life!"

"Yo! This is f*cking cool. Now this is world class customer service. I f*ck with y'all!""

"Thank you James, I'll be sure to follow you guys, I'll also be buying more stuff from you guys"