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How Vani-T delivers top notch customer experience with personalized videos at scale that generate 40X ROI


Tania Walsh, CEO and founder of VANI-T, mother of three and business tycoon is an inspiration to many women and men around the world. From a very young age she used to make lip balms out of natural butters and raw materials. She opened her own beauty school in Adelaide, Australia in her early 20s. Around that time spray tanning was growing but she discovered most tans were laden with chemicals and made skin feel dry and itchy. So she set out to find a better solution.

When she failed to find it, she worked with a formulator and they came up with Liquid Sun after 26 reformulations. Within a few months her team had enquiries from around the world. That was the beginning of the Vani-T brand. Since then, Tania and Vani-T have created a whole range of quality body products and an empire dedicated to building the self-confidence of women through natural cosmetics, tanning and wellness. The brand not only empowers women with its unique products but also through developing authentic relationships that make the customer feel welcome, happy and appreciated.





Cart recovery rate


Post purchase email open rate


Post purchase email open rate

"We are getting such incredible open rates and conversions from our Maverick flows. Almost all clients say they have never had such a personal touch from a brand and how special it makes them feel. It is best summed up by the incredible responses I receive.

Tania Walsh, Founder


Tania has always emphasized the importance of gratitude and of building strong relationships. She has built a company that not only creates pure, high quality products but that's also a conscious brand that cares about people and the environment. To earn customers' trust at scale is not something easy though. The brand always looks for innovative and creative ways to scalably interact with customers and build strong bonds with them.


In order to delight customers and enhance their experience, Tania bet on sending AI generated personalized videos at scale. She needed a solution that allowed her to communicate with each customer in a more personal way. Through Maverick, Tania is now sending thousands of personalized video messages where she greets each customer by name for abandoned cart recoveries and post purchase thank yous.

Customer Feedback

"Hi Tania, thank you very much for such nice personalized approach. Honestly, I have never experienced something like this before. It is really brilliant and I love it."

"Love this Tania!! Such a personal touch. Much love to you and your family. xx"

"This is such a sweet message from you. I have to let you know that your products are beautiful and I am excited to have them in my beauty store for my customers. More than excited, I am proud to stock Vani-T Australia."