11 Brands Selling Eight Figures With Lean Teams

With the help of the best ecommerce platforms, these smaller teams show that it's not about size but about strategy. With the right tools and tactics, hitting those high revenue numbers isn't just a dream—it's achievable. Harnessing the power of digital innovation, even the underdogs are showing they can compete at the top.

11 Brands Selling Eight Figures With Lean Teams

The digital world is changing, and in the realm of ecommerce, it's all about thinking big, regardless of your team's size. Lean teams are now making waves, racking up ecommerce sales that once seemed reserved for the big players. The key is adaptability and leveraging innovative solutions that level the playing field.

With the help of the best ecommerce platforms, these smaller teams show that it's not about size but about strategy. With the right tools and tactics, hitting those high revenue numbers isn't just a dream—it's achievable. Harnessing the power of digital innovation, even the underdogs are showing they can compete at the top.

Ecommerce today isn't just setting up a shop online—it's about really connecting with customers, offering tailored experiences, and making the most of every sale. Whether you're using the best B2B ecommerce platform or focusing on direct consumers, it's essential to be in tune with what today's tools offer. After all, understanding and adapting to consumer needs is at the heart of ecommerce success.

And the cool part? Even the leanest of teams can use these platforms to create standout digital shopping experiences that customers love. It's all about using the right tools in the right way, and the results can be pretty impressive. As these platforms evolve, so does the potential for brands to make even deeper connections with their audience.

Top 11 Brands Excelling with Lean Teams and High Revenue

1. Pierced

Dipping into the diverse world of body adornment, Pierced has set its mark. Their collection isn't just vast, it's versatile, bringing together the best in body jewelry and accessories. Whether it's nose rings that echo the latest fashion week trend or classic studs, they've got every style-savvy individual covered. The brand continually evolves, aligning with global style movements, ensuring they’re always at the forefront. Not just about adornment, Pierced has managed to curate an identity that's both a lifestyle choice and a fashion statement.

2. Plume Hair & Lash Science

Plume Hair & Lash Science is all about the natural glam. Rather than offering quick fixes, they focus on products that enhance lash and brow growth over time. They've managed to blend the best of both worlds – merging science-backed formulations with Mother Nature's best to create standout products. Committed to sustainability, Plume's products not only beautify but also honor the planet. For the conscious consumer who refuses to compromise, Plume Hair & Lash Science is the go-to choice.

3. Cremo Company

Men's grooming gets a suave twist with Cremo Company. Beyond the usual, they offer everything from slick beard care kits to invigorating body washes. It's not just about looking good, but also about feeling on top of the game with their high-quality products. Cremo's ethos revolves around providing luxury without the hefty price tag. They pride themselves on crafting products that are not only effective but also provide a unique sensory experience.

4. LaBelle Perfumes

Every spritz from LaBelle Perfumes is like a mini luxury escape. Housing both mainstream favorites and elusive fragrances, they cater to every kind of scent lover. It's where timeless classics meet contemporary favorites in a fragrant dance. LaBelle doesn't just sell perfumes; they create olfactory experiences. The brand embodies the essence of luxury, celebrating the power and poetry of scent.

5. Ellis Brooklyn

Ellis Brooklyn takes storytelling to a scented dimension. Each of their crafted fragrances is a tale in itself, embodying artistry and modern perfumery. The result? Fragrances that don't just smell good but feel personal and intimate. From sourcing the finest ingredients to the minimalist, eco-friendly packaging, Ellis Brooklyn ensures that their fragrances are as soulful as the stories they tell.

6. Saniderm

Anyone who's gotten ink knows that aftercare is crucial, and that's where Saniderm steps in. They've transformed post-tattoo care with their range of medical-grade products. Not only do these products help in preserving the art, but they also ensure that the tattooed skin remains vibrant and healthy. Saniderm makes the healing phase smoother, reducing the risk of fading and infection. It's a brand that truly understands the significance and sentiment behind each ink, ensuring every tattoo ages gracefully.

7. Naked Nutrition

With Naked Nutrition, what you see is truly what you get. Offering a line of stripped-down, no-nonsense nutritional supplements, they cater to those serious about their health. Committed to transparency, every product they offer stands by its name – Naked, representing unblemished quality. It's all about purity, performance, and results, without any hidden extras. Whether you're a bodybuilder or just someone trying to keep up a healthy lifestyle, Naked Nutrition offers an authentic, pure boost.


Jewelry gets a fresh twist with PAVOI. Each piece from their collection, whether it's a statement ring or a subtle necklace, marries timeless charm with a contemporary touch. Their craftsmanship emphasizes both detail and durability, ensuring that each piece not only looks good but lasts a lifetime. It's where classic meets current, and every jewelry lover finds a piece that resonates. The brand beckons those who appreciate the art of accessorizing, offering treasures for every occasion.

9. American Cornhole Association

Cornhole isn't just a game; it's a community. And the American Cornhole Association is right at its heart. Serving both professionals and weekend warriors, they're the go-to for all things cornhole. Apart from governing the sport, they offer everything a cornhole enthusiast might need, from sleek boards to quirky accessories. By continuously promoting and refining the game, they've not only kept the spirit of cornhole alive but thriving, making them a staple in the cornhole world.

10. Golf Wang

More than just apparel, Golf Wang is an expression. Founded by Tyler, The Creator, this brand oozes a unique blend of street cred with a dash of quirk. Each collection drops like a fresh beat, encapsulating diverse influences from music to culture. It's where colors, designs, and attitude come together, appealing massively to the hip, young crowd. Golf Wang isn't just a clothing brand; it's a movement, representing a generation that dares to be different.

11. Daiwa USA

Daiwa USA is every angler's dream sidekick. Known for its top-notch fishing equipment, the brand prides itself on a blend of innovation and precision. It's not just about the catch, but the experience – and Daiwa ensures both are memorable. Whether it's reels crafted for that perfect catch or rods that promise durability, they're constantly pushing boundaries in the fishing world. With Daiwa, every fishing trip isn't just another outing; it's an adventure waiting to unfold.

The Game Changer: How Lean Team Brands Can Leverage AI in Ecommerce

Personalized Recommendations

AI in ecommerce tailors product suggestions to individual user preferences and browsing habits. For instance, a returning customer on Ellis Brooklyn might receive recommendations for new fragrances based on their past purchases. This ensures users find products they're likely to love, increasing both user satisfaction and sales.

Chatbots for Customer Service

Chatbots powered by AI can address customer inquiries 24/7, improving responsiveness and efficiency. Imagine a shopper on Naked Nutrition asking a chatbot about the protein content in a specific supplement at 2 a.m. The chatbot promptly provides accurate information, enhancing the shopping experience.

Enhanced Search Functionality

Advanced search features can intuitively understand and predict what customers are looking for. A user might type "elegant necklace" on PAVOI's site, and AI-enhanced search could show top-rated and trending elegant necklaces. This not only speeds up the shopping process but also directs users to best-selling items.

Predictive Inventory Management

AI can predict product demand, helping brands maintain optimal stock levels. Cremo Company, for example, might utilize AI to anticipate a surge in demand for their beard oils during winter, ensuring they're adequately stocked to meet customer needs. AI not only keeps stock levels efficient but also reduces unnecessary storage costs, making inventory management more cost-effective.

Dynamic Pricing

AI analyzes market demand, competitor prices, and other factors to set optimal product prices. Suppose LaBelle Perfumes has a luxury perfume; AI could adjust its price dynamically based on its popularity and current market trends, maximizing profitability. Such dynamic pricing strategies can lead to enhanced customer satisfaction, knowing they are getting the best possible deal based on real-time market conditions.

Virtual Try-Ons

Virtual try-ons allow customers to visualize how a product looks on them, enhancing confidence in purchase decisions. Imagine shoppers on Pierced virtually trying on different earring designs to see how they complement their style, leading to more informed choices. This tech-driven approach can drastically reduce product return rates as consumers have a clearer expectation of the product before buying.

Personalized Marketing

AI helps tailor marketing content to specific user preferences and behaviors. For instance, after browsing fishing reels on Daiwa USA, a customer might receive personalized email promotions highlighting related fishing gear, increasing the likelihood of further purchases. Moreover, this individualized approach strengthens brand loyalty, making consumers feel truly understood and catered to.

Customer Segmentation

AI segments customers based on behavior, preferences, and purchase histories. By understanding that a group of Saniderm customers frequently buys aftercare products for large tattoos, targeted promotions can be developed for related products, maximizing marketing effectiveness. This tailored approach not only boosts sales but also enhances customer engagement and satisfaction, as they receive content and offers that genuinely resonate.

Sales Forecasting

With AI's predictive capabilities, brands can forecast sales trends. If American Cornhole Association is launching a new line of boards, AI could predict its sales trajectory based on similar product launches and current market trends, aiding in strategic planning. Having these predictive insights empowers brands to allocate resources more efficiently, ensuring they're prepared for both peak demands and slower sales periods.

Fraud Detection

AI monitors transactions in real-time to detect and prevent fraudulent activities. For example, if an unusually large order is placed on Golf Wang from a previously unused IP address, AI could flag it for review, ensuring the brand's and customers' financial security. This proactive approach of AI not only protects the brand's assets but also fosters trust among consumers, who can shop confidently knowing that their transactions are being monitored for any inconsistencies.

AI-Generated Videos

Maverick's solution offers brands the opportunity to deeply personalize customer interactions through AI-generated videos. Imagine Plume Hair & Lash Science sending a video to a returning customer, addressing them by name and showcasing products tailored to their past interests. Such a personal touch can foster loyalty and enhance the overall brand experience.

How These Brands Could Further Benefit from Maverick

The future of ecommerce lies in personalization, and Maverick's AI-generated videos are leading the charge. With Maverick's effortless integration with platforms like Shopify or WooCommerce, brands can seamlessly elevate their customer engagement.

And it doesn’t stop at integration. The results? Brands could witness increased revenue, with higher customer retention and engagement, thanks to Maverick's innovative approach. Beyond the immediate post-purchase engagement, Maverick's features could be instrumental in reviving lost sales opportunities.

With the rise of AI in ecommerce, tools like Maverick position lean teams to compete at the level of much larger entities, democratizing the playing field and emphasizing quality engagement over sheer volume. As the digital marketplace evolves, Maverick stands as an indispensable tool for brands striving to maintain a personal touch in an increasingly automated world.


Lean teams, though small in number, are making waves in the ecommerce sector. With tools like Maverick, they can harness the power of AI in ecommerce, enhancing customer experience and driving sales. The future beckons ecommerce brands to adopt such AI tools, especially AI-generated videos, to usher in an era of personalized and immersive shopping experiences.

Maverick uses AI-generated video to help ecommerce stores have personalized interactions with each of their customers across their journey. Start boosting your customers’ lifetime value (LTV) today with personal videos at scale!

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