Best 10 Ecommerce Influencers to Follow on LinkedIn and Twitter

Stay ahead of the game! Top 10 e-commerce influencers share the strategies & mindsets driving innovation. Learn from the best to fuel your brand's success.

The ecommerce industry is a rapidly evolving landscape, characterized by its dynamism and the constant emergence of new trends and strategies. Keeping up with these changes can often be a challenging task for both newcomers and seasoned veterans of the field.

However, an effective way to navigate this dynamic environment and stay informed is through the guidance of influencers. These industry experts are at the forefront of shaping trends and providing invaluable insights, making them a crucial source of knowledge in an ever-evolving industry.

Among the various social media platforms, LinkedIn and Twitter have proven to be particularly resourceful for following these influencers. Their regular updates, thought leadership articles, and strategic discourse provide a wealth of insights into various facets of ecommerce, such as email marketing and ecommerce marketing consultancy.

Following these influencers on LinkedIn and Twitter ensures a regular stream of fresh perspectives, innovative strategies, and practical advice right at your fingertips. These platforms enable direct engagement with these experts, providing an interactive way to learn and stay updated in the world of ecommerce.

The Importance of Ecommerce Influencers

Ecommerce influencers are more than just trendsetters; they are thought leaders and industry pioneers who are often at the forefront of innovative strategies and practices. They are deeply involved in the ecommerce space, and their insights and advice can offer a significant competitive advantage to their followers.

The ecommerce landscape is a dynamic one, constantly evolving with new technologies, customer expectations, and market trends. Staying ahead in such a fast-paced environment can be challenging. This is where ecommerce influencers prove invaluable. They are often the first to identify and analyze new trends and shifts in the industry. By following them, businesses can stay informed and agile, ready to adapt and take advantage of emerging opportunities.

Ecommerce email marketing is a critical aspect of online retail that influencers frequently focus on. Given the vital role of email marketing in driving customer engagement, retention, and sales, insights from influencers can significantly enhance a business's email marketing strategies. These experts share tips, best practices, and successful strategies that can optimize email marketing campaigns, providing significant value to their followers.

But the guidance offered by ecommerce influencers goes beyond specific strategies. Many of them serve as ecommerce marketing consultants, providing strategic advice that covers the broader spectrum of ecommerce operations. They share knowledge drawn from their own experiences, successful case studies, and in-depth understanding of the market. This strategic advice can assist businesses in making informed decisions, optimizing their operations, and realizing their growth potential.

Moreover, influencers often provide a platform for discussion and exchange of ideas, allowing businesses to engage with other industry players and learn from shared experiences. This sense of community can also facilitate networking opportunities and foster partnerships.

Lastly, influencers can be a source of inspiration. Their success stories, entrepreneurial spirit, and innovative thinking can inspire businesses to think outside the box and strive for excellence. By following influencers, businesses can imbibe a culture of innovation and continuous learning, critical for success in the competitive ecommerce landscape.

Best Ecommerce Influencers on LinkedIn and Twitter

1. Chase Dimond

Chase Dimond is not just a name in the ecommerce industry; he's a driving force behind many successful ecommerce ventures. As a partner at Boundless Labs, a leading email marketing agency, Dimond has helped his clients send hundreds of millions of emails, which have directly attributed to over $50 million in revenue. His strategies have transformed the way businesses use email as an effective marketing tool.

Following Chase Dimond on LinkedIn and Twitter is like getting a front-row seat to his thought process. He shares high-value content around ecommerce email marketing strategies, industry trends, and success stories from his personal experience. His insights are practical and readily actionable, offering significant value to businesses looking to enhance their email marketing game.

2. Eli Weiss

Eli Weiss a renowned ecommerce influencer with wide experience in buildng customer-centric brands. His previous roles with several notable brands have given him a unique vantage point on mobile ecommerce strategies, and he leverages this expertise to share unique insights and advice with his followers.

Following Weiss on Twitter exposes you to his wealth of knowledge on creating seamless mobile customer experiences. His content can be a guiding light for businesses looking to optimize their mobile ecommerce strategies, enhance mobile customer engagement, and stay abreast of the latest trends in mobile ecommerce.

3. Joe Portsmouth

Joe Portsmouth is an ecommerce enthusiast and a consultant at Commerce Joe, an ecommerce consultancy that helps businesses build and optimize their online stores. His expertise spans various aspects of ecommerce, including Shopify and ecommerce marketing. His approach is hands-on, practical, and rooted in real-world experiences.

Following Portsmouth on LinkedIn and Twitter provides access to his wealth of ecommerce knowledge. He frequently shares practical advice, innovative strategies, and thought-provoking insights that can guide businesses in building and optimizing their ecommerce ventures.

4. Steve Hutt

Steve Hutt wears many hats - he's a Senior Merchant Success Manager at Shopify Plus and the host of the eCommerce Fastlane Podcast. His role at Shopify Plus gives him an in-depth understanding of the platform and the ecommerce landscape, while his podcast allows him to engage with industry experts and share their insights with his audience.

By following Hutt on LinkedIn and Twitter, you get a regular dose of practical advice, industry trends, and actionable strategies. His expertise in the Shopify platform and broader ecommerce trends makes him a must-follow influencer for any online retailer.

5. Andrew Youderian

Andrew Youderian, the founder of eCommerceFuel, has created a thriving private community for high-revenue ecommerce store owners. This platform allows him to engage with successful entrepreneurs, gain insights into their strategies, and share this wealth of knowledge with his followers.

On LinkedIn and Twitter, Youderian frequently shares his insights and experiences. He offers a deep-dive into various ecommerce strategies and trends, providing valuable guidance for businesses looking to grow their ecommerce ventures. His in-depth understanding of the industry, combined with his practical approach, makes him an invaluable resource for any ecommerce business.

6. Steve Chou

Steve Chou, the founder of Bumblebee Linens and My Wife Quit Her Job, has a unique perspective on building and scaling ecommerce businesses. Through his blog and podcast, Chou shares practical advice, success stories, and lessons learned, empowering others to start their own profitable ecommerce ventures.

Following Chou on Twitter offers access to a wide array of resources. His posts cover various aspects of ecommerce, from selecting the right business model to effective marketing strategies and beyond. His advice is based on real-world experiences, making it practical and readily actionable.

7. Nik Sharma

Nik Sharma is a renowned ecommerce expert with a particular focus on direct-to-consumer (DTC) marketing strategies. As the former director of DTC at VaynerMedia, Sharma has a wealth of experience in social media marketing and DTC trends, which he generously shares with his followers.

By following Sharma on LinkedIn and Twitter, you can gain valuable insights into DTC strategies, social media marketing, and ecommerce trends. His content is insightful, thought-provoking, and packed with actionable advice, making him a must-follow influencer for ecommerce businesses of all sizes.

8. Neil Patel

Neil Patel, a New York Times bestselling author and co-founder of Neil Patel Digital, is a big name in the digital marketing world. His broad expertise, which includes SEO, social media marketing, content marketing, and conversion rate optimization, provides a well-rounded perspective on ecommerce marketing.

Following Patel on LinkedIn and Twitter is like enrolling in a masterclass in digital marketing. He shares high-value content, practical tips, and industry trends that can help businesses improve their ecommerce marketing strategies and achieve better results.

9. Katelyn Bourgoin

Katelyn Bourgoin is a 3X founder turned growth strategist. Her expertise lies in understanding customer behavior and leveraging those insights to drive business growth. Her approach combines deep customer understanding with practical growth strategies, providing a unique perspective on ecommerce growth.

Following Bourgoin on Twitter offers access to her expertise and insights. She shares valuable advice on understanding customer behavior, improving customer engagement, and leveraging customer insights for business growth. Her content is insightful, actionable, and highly relevant for ecommerce businesses of all sizes.

10. Kaleigh Moore

Kaleigh Moore is a freelance writer for ecommerce platforms and SaaS tools. She uses her writing prowess to share her insights on content and email marketing for ecommerce. Her content is packed with practical advice, tips, and strategies that can help businesses improve their content marketing efforts.

By following Moore on Twitter, you can gain access to her in-depth articles and social media posts. Her advice on improving ecommerce content strategies is grounded in practical experience and industry trends, making it highly actionable and valuable for businesses of all sizes.

How to Make the Most of Influencers' Content

Maximizing the benefits from the content generated by ecommerce influencers involves more than just following them on social media platforms. It requires a proactive and strategic approach. Here's how you can make the most of the insights they offer:

Engage with Their Content

Interacting with an influencer's content is a key step to truly immersing yourself in their knowledge and insights. Instead of merely scrolling through their posts, take the time to like, comment, and share their content. This level of engagement shows your appreciation for their efforts and signals to them that their content is resonating with their audience.

Beyond expressing appreciation, engaging with content allows for a more profound understanding of the topic at hand. If a particular point isn't clear or if there's more you wish to learn about the subject, don't hesitate to ask questions. Influencers often welcome such curiosity, as it provides them with the opportunity to delve deeper into the topic and provide more value to their followers.

Additionally, engagement isn't just a one-way street. When you comment or share your perspectives, you're also contributing to the community's collective knowledge. Furthermore, this active participation can increase your visibility within the ecommerce community, expand your network, and even open doors to new opportunities.

Implement Their Advice

While it's important to absorb the wealth of knowledge influencers share, it's even more critical to put this information to use. Influencers often share their knowledge with the intention that it will be acted upon. The strategies, tips, and tactics they present are designed to be implemented, which can help your ecommerce business thrive.

Translating these insights into action can take various forms, depending on the advice given. It may mean refining your email marketing strategy, tweaking your website design, or revamping your social media approach. Regardless of the specifics, the key is to apply what you've learned in a manner that aligns with your business's unique needs and goals.

Remember, the true value of information lies in its application. Knowledge that's left unused is of little benefit. By implementing the advice of influencers, you're not just learning but actively improving your ecommerce business.

Attend Webinars and Online Courses

While social media posts and blog articles can provide valuable insights, they often only scratch the surface of an influencer's expertise. To dive deeper, consider attending the webinars and online courses that many influencers offer. These learning opportunities provide a more in-depth exploration of topics and can help strengthen your understanding of ecommerce trends and strategies.

Webinars often feature live presentations, which allows for real-time interaction. You can ask questions and receive immediate responses, making for a dynamic and engaging learning experience. Plus, they often cover topical subjects, providing up-to-the-minute insights into the evolving world of ecommerce.

Online courses, on the other hand, provide a more structured and comprehensive learning pathway. They allow you to learn at your own pace, revisit topics as needed, and often include a range of resources like worksheets, templates, and further reading suggestions. Whether you choose webinars, online courses, or both, these resources can significantly enrich your understanding and application of ecommerce strategies.


Following the right ecommerce influencers can provide you with valuable insights, industry trends, and innovative strategies for success. The ten influencers discussed in this article offer a wealth of knowledge in ecommerce email marketing and ecommerce marketing consultancy. By following them on LinkedIn and Twitter, you can keep abreast of the latest developments in the ecommerce space and leverage their insights for your success.

Remember, every ecommerce business is unique, so not all advice will apply or work in every context. Use the insights from influencers as guidance, but always consider how it fits into your business model, audience, and overall marketing strategy. And speaking of marketing strategy, that’s not complete without video marketing!

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