Best Shopify Plus Agencies for Beauty and Skincare Brands

Elevate your Shopify Plus beauty brand. Expert agencies and personalized videos drive stunning websites, seamless experiences, and increased sales.

The world of beauty and skincare on Shopify Plus is a dazzling, high-stakes arena. Customer expectations are sky-high: websites need to be as visually stunning as the products themselves, functionality must be flawless, and personalization is no longer an extra, it's table stakes. Competition is fierce; standing out requires not just beautiful packaging, but a seamless customer experience across every touchpoint.

Success on Shopify Plus for beauty brands demands more than just technical know-how. This is where choosing the right Shopify Plus agency becomes crucial. A specialized agency deeply understands the nuances of the beauty industry – the importance of aspirational visuals, ingredient-focused content, and the ability to build trust through personalized recommendations.

But even with the perfect agency partner, how do you truly break through the noise? That's where personalized videos, powered by tools like Maverick, become a game-changer. Imagine welcoming a new customer with a video that speaks directly to their skincare concerns or sending them product tutorials tailored to their past purchases. This level of personalized attention creates a customer experience that feels luxurious, builds brand loyalty, and drives sales.

Why Partner with a Shopify Plus Agency for Beauty & Skincare?

Choosing a Shopify Plus agency focused on the beauty sector isn't about getting a pretty website (though that's important!). It's about tapping into expertise that translates directly into growth and a customer experience that elevates your brand within a highly competitive landscape. Here's why:

Visuals are Your Virtual Salesperson

Beauty brands sell on aspiration and transformation. A specialized agency deeply understands this. They're masters at leveraging Shopify Plus's capabilities to create stores that are both visually breathtaking and optimized for showcasing your products, ingredients, and brand story. Think of them as designing your digital flagship store.

Imagine your brand specializes in natural skincare. An experienced agency might suggest featuring high-resolution images of your ingredients on your homepage alongside videos demonstrating their use in your products. This visually communicates your commitment to clean beauty directly on the page where customers land.

Personalization Beyond Demographics

Generic skincare recommendations are a thing of the past. Experienced Shopify Plus beauty agencies help you harness the platform's advanced segmentation and personalization tools. This means targeting customers not just based on age or location, but on their specific skin concerns, past purchases, and even browsing behavior – leading to highly relevant offers that actually convert.

A customer previously purchased your moisturizer for dry skin. Instead of generic promotions, the agency helps you set up automated emails with recommendations for complementary serums or targeted ads for masks focused on hydration – increasing the likelihood of additional purchases.

The Counterintuitive Truth About Scaling Beauty

It's tempting to think rapid growth in this sector is about going viral with a single product. While that happens, sustainable scaling requires a solid technical foundation and data-driven strategies. Experienced agencies help you prepare your Shopify Plus store for increased traffic, implement retention strategies, and identify untapped market segments – ensuring your growth is both explosive and manageable.

Picture this: your hero product goes viral on TikTok. An experienced agency can quickly analyze the demographics of this new traffic surge, identify potential new customer segments, and recommend adjustments to your product offerings and future marketing campaigns to maximize this momentum and capitalize on new growth opportunities.

Top 8 Shopify Plus Agencies for Beauty & Skincare

1. MuteSix

MuteSix stands out with its laser focus on performance marketing. They prioritize data-driven strategies, continuous A/B testing, and relentless conversion optimization across all channels. This makes MuteSix a valuable partner for beauty and skincare brands aiming for rapid, sustainable growth on Shopify Plus. If your primary goals are increasing customer acquisition, boosting sales, and maximizing return on ad spend, MuteSix's expertise in performance marketing can be a major asset in a competitive market.

Their data-driven approach means they constantly analyze metrics, identifying opportunities to refine campaigns, optimize landing pages, and ultimately improve your key ecommerce KPIs. This continuous optimization is particularly useful within the beauty space, where trends evolve quickly and staying ahead of the curve through data analysis is essential.

2. Noize

Noize understands that consumers in this segment are discerning, often seeking brands that align with their values of sustainability, ethical sourcing, and ingredient transparency. Noize excels at crafting Shopify Plus stores that embody these principles, utilizing impactful design that emphasizes a brand's commitment to clean formulas, natural elements, and overall well-being.

Their focus on sustainability-conscious branding can be a powerful asset for beauty brands looking to attract and retain a loyal customer base within this growing market. Noize helps ensure that your Shopify Plus store's design and messaging resonate strongly with this particular audience, effectively conveying your brand's mission and commitment to clean beauty principles.

3. Swanky

Swanky excels in seamlessly blending design and development expertise specifically tailored for Shopify Plus. This makes them an ideal choice for beauty and skincare brands with a strong emphasis on visual identity and branding. Their team understands that in the beauty sector, your website needs to be more than just functional; it needs to be an immersive experience that reflects the aesthetic and aspirations of your brand.

Swanky's strength lies in creating visually striking Shopify Plus stores that go beyond beautiful product pages. They carefully consider elements like typography, color palettes, and interactive features to craft a truly unique and memorable online environment that reinforces your brand at every touchpoint, encouraging longer browsing sessions, and higher conversions.

4. Electric Eye

Electric Eye distinguishes itself as a full-service Shopify Plus agency with a strong focus on direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands. This means they offer support across a broad spectrum of needs, including strategic planning, store development, marketing campaigns, and ongoing optimization. Their full-service approach makes them a valuable partner for beauty and skincare brands seeking an agency to handle both the big-picture strategy and the day-to-day execution of their Shopify Plus presence.

Electric Eye's DTC expertise is particularly relevant for beauty brands looking to build strong relationships directly with their customers. They can assist with strategies to drive traffic to your Shopify Plus store, optimize conversion funnels, and implement loyalty programs to nurture repeat purchases, ultimately reducing reliance on third-party marketplaces and increasing overall brand control.

5. We Make Websites

We Make Websites stands out as an international Shopify Plus agency with a reputation for bespoke development and tailored solutions. This makes them well-suited for beauty and skincare brands with global ambitions or highly specialized needs that require custom functionality within their Shopify Plus store. Their international reach can be a significant advantage for beauty brands looking to expand into new markets, ensuring that their store is optimized for different languages, currencies, and local regulations.

We Make Websites excels in creating Shopify Plus stores that go beyond the standard template. If your brand has unique requirements for product displays, complex personalization features, or seamless integrations with third-party tools, their custom development expertise can bring your vision to life while ensuring a smooth, scalable customer experience.

6. The Working Party

The Working Party prioritizes creating a flawless customer experience across all touchpoints, with a strong emphasis on omnichannel integrations. They understand that, in today's landscape, customers interact with beauty brands on multiple channels – social media, email, in-store, and the website itself. The Working Party excels at ensuring that your Shopify Plus store is not a silo but rather integrates seamlessly with your other marketing and sales channels.

This omnichannel approach means customers have a consistent, personalized brand experience whether they discover your products on Instagram or complete a purchase on your website. The Working Party helps with elements like syncing inventory across channels, unifying customer data for personalized recommendations, and retargeting customers across platforms – all leading to increased customer satisfaction and long-term brand loyalty.

7. Something Digital

Something Digital stands out with their data-driven approach to Shopify Plus and proven track record in both migrations and complex store setups. They understand that, for established beauty and skincare brands, moving to Shopify Plus can be a significant undertaking with the potential for costly disruption. Something Digital's expertise lies in ensuring a smooth migration process, prioritizing data integrity and carefully mapping existing customer information, order history, and product data to the new Plus platform.

Their data-driven approach extends beyond migration to continuous optimization. Something Digital excels at analyzing website analytics, user behavior, and sales data to identify areas for improvement on your Shopify Plus store. This focus on data allows them to make strategic, informed recommendations aimed at boosting conversions, reducing cart abandonment, and enhancing the overall customer experience.

8. Eastside Co.

Eastside Co. distinguishes itself with deep expertise in the beauty and fashion sectors. They understand the unique challenges faced by brands in these competitive industries, including the need to balance trend-driven offerings with timeless staples. Eastside Co. brings knowledge of consumer behavior and marketing best practices within the beauty and fashion landscape, applying this to crafting Shopify Plus strategies focused on long-term growth and customer loyalty.

Their emphasis on retention-based strategies is particularly important for beauty brands, where repeat purchases drive a significant portion of revenue. Eastside Co. helps implement tactics like loyalty programs, personalized product recommendations based on past purchases, and customer win-back campaigns. These efforts nurture brand advocates, increase customer lifetime value, and foster sustainable growth within the beauty industry.

Elevating Your Strategy with Maverick

Let's revisit Maverick's core strengths: the ability to create personalized videos at scale. Imagine adding this powerful tool to your beauty brand's arsenal, with seamless integrations into your existing Shopify Plus store and marketing automation powered by platforms like Klaviyo. Maverick doesn't replace the expertise of a Shopify Plus agency; it supercharges their strategies for an even greater impact on your customer experience.

Think beyond generic email blasts. Collaborating with your agency, you could use Maverick to create personalized welcome videos that address new customers by name, recommend products based on their quiz answers, or offer exclusive discounts. This level of personalization at the start of the customer journey builds trust, increases engagement, and boosts the effectiveness of your agency's onboarding campaigns.

Now consider post-purchase. Your agency has designed a beautiful "thank you for your order" page on Shopify Plus. Partnering with Maverick, you could transform this into a personalized video thanking the customer by name, featuring a quick tutorial on how to get the best results from their product, and offering a targeted cross-sell recommendation based on their purchase history. These personalized touchpoints enhance customer satisfaction while driving repeat business and complementing your agency's retention strategies.


In the world of beauty ecommerce, choosing the right Shopify Plus agency is akin to finding your perfect foundation shade – the wrong one makes everything look off, while the right one makes you glow. A specialized agency understands the nuances of selling serums and setting sprays, transforming your Shopify Plus store into a digital destination that's as captivating as your products.

But even the most stunning store can benefit from a boost of personality. That's where Maverick comes in. Think of it as your digital charm offensive – personalized videos that make every customer feel like a VIP. Welcome them with warmth, offer tailored tutorials, and celebrate their purchases with a touch of video magic.

Ready to elevate your beauty brand's ecommerce game? Start by exploring the top Shopify Plus agencies and consider adding Maverick to your marketing arsenal. It's time to ditch those one-size-fits-none emails and create a customer experience that's as radiant and unforgettable as your best-selling moisturizer.

Maverick uses AI-generated video to help ecommerce stores have personalized interactions with each of their customers across their journey. Start boosting your customers’ lifetime value (LTV) today with personal videos at scale!

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