Best Shopify Plus Agencies for Food and Beverage Brands

Conquer the challenges of food & beverage ecommerce on Shopify Plus! Expert agencies and personalized video (Maverick) create mouthwatering experiences.

Let's be honest, the food and beverage ecommerce world is a bit like a gourmet kitchen. Things can get messy (perishable items, anyone?), presentation is everything (those food pics need to be drool-worthy), and everyone wants a taste of the action (competition is fierce). The secret to success? It's more than just having a delicious product; it's about crafting an online experience that makes customers hungry for more.

Shopify Plus is the kitchen stadium where your food and beverage brand can shine. But to create that Michelin-star experience, you need a team of culinary experts in your corner. That's where Shopify Plus agencies specializing in food and beverage come in. They understand the nuances of subscription boxes, the art of bundling snacks, and the need to balance tantalizing visuals with seamless checkout processes.

But what if you could add an extra dash of flavor to the mix? That's where Maverick steps in. Think of us as your secret ingredient, injecting personalized video into your ecommerce strategy. From virtual tastings to behind-the-scenes peeks at your culinary creations, we'll help you build a brand that customers can't resist. So grab a napkin, because things are about to get delicious!

Why Partner with a Shopify Plus Agency for Food & Beverage?

While the allure of "DIYing" your Shopify Plus store is tempting, in the nuanced world of food and beverage ecommerce, specialized expertise is more than just a nice-to-have – it's often the secret sauce to success. Here's why:

  1. Beyond Appetite Appeal: The Art of Food & Beverage Storytelling

In this sector, your products aren't just items; they're experiences. A specialized agency understands this. They'll help you craft a Shopify Plus store that goes beyond showcasing stunning food photography. Think interactive elements like recipe blogs, "meet the maker" videos, or origin stories that connect customers to your culinary ethos. This storytelling builds brand loyalty far more effectively than discounts alone.

  1. Subscriptions and Bundles, Oh My!

Food and beverage brands thrive on recurring revenue. But setting up complex subscription models or enticing product bundles (think curated snack boxes or meal kits) requires a deep understanding of Shopify Plus's capabilities and potential integration hurdles. Specialized agencies have mastered this art, ensuring your subscriptions are a delight to manage and your bundles are both delicious and profitable.

  1. The Checkout Conundrum

Ever abandoned a cart because the checkout process felt like a scavenger hunt? In the food and beverage world, where impulse buys are common, a smooth checkout is crucial. A Shopify Plus agency can customize your checkout to perfection. This could involve showcasing related items, offering one-click upsells (like adding a bottle of wine to a gourmet cheese order), or even integrating loyalty programs to sweeten the deal.

  1. Scaling with Savvy

Contrary to popular belief, rapid growth isn't always a blessing. A sudden surge in orders can overload your Shopify Plus store or expose vulnerabilities in your inventory management. An experienced agency anticipates these growing pains. They'll ensure your store's infrastructure is scalable, recommend tools for inventory forecasting, and advise on marketing strategies to sustain that growth.

  1. Data-Driven Decisions, Not Recipe Guesswork

Understanding your customers' preferences is key in the CPG industry. Specialized agencies can leverage Shopify Plus's advanced analytics to track purchase behavior, identify top-selling products, and pinpoint areas for improvement. This data-driven approach ensures that your marketing and product development strategies are always informed by real customer insights, not just gut feelings.

Top 8 Shopify Plus Agencies for Food & Beverage

1. Swanky Agency

Swanky Agency is renowned for its expertise in building and optimizing Shopify Plus stores for high-growth, direct-to-consumer (DTC) food and beverage brands. They have a proven track record of success in this niche, understanding the unique challenges and opportunities faced by these businesses. Their specialization in complex subscription models, a popular choice for food and beverage brands seeking recurring revenue, sets them apart in the industry.

Swanky Agency's strength lies in crafting visually captivating Shopify Plus stores that not only look stunning but also drive ecommerce sales. They prioritize user experience, ensuring seamless navigation, easy product discovery, and frictionless checkout processes. For food and beverage brands, this means mouthwatering product photography, enticing product descriptions, and interactive elements like recipe suggestions or pairing guides that enhance the overall shopping experience.

Beyond beautiful design, Swanky Agency focuses on maximizing growth potential. They have a deep understanding of scaling strategies within the food and beverage ecommerce space, offering expertise in areas like inventory management, logistics optimization, and targeted marketing campaigns. This comprehensive approach helps food and beverage brands not only establish a strong online presence but also achieve sustainable growth and success on the Shopify Plus platform.

2. We Make Websites

We Make Websites boasts a strong international presence, serving as a trusted Shopify Plus agency for brands with a global reach. They have a deep understanding of the diverse needs of international markets, including localization for language and currency, ensuring that your online store seamlessly caters to customers worldwide. This global expertise makes them a valuable partner for food and beverage brands seeking to expand their reach and increase ecommerce sales in multiple regions.

Their technical proficiency shines in custom Shopify Plus development. We Make Websites specializes in creating bespoke solutions that cater to unique brand experiences and complex product configurations often found in the food and beverage industry. Whether it's designing a meal kit customization interface, building a sophisticated subscription management system, or integrating unique payment gateways for international markets, their development team can bring your vision to life.

We Make Websites prioritizes creating a seamless and enjoyable online shopping experience, regardless of the complexity of your products or the diversity of your target markets. Their focus on customization, coupled with their international expertise, empowers food and beverage brands to expand globally while maintaining a cohesive and effective ecommerce presence on Shopify Plus.

3. Charle

Charle stands out as a Shopify Plus agency with a laser focus on the food and beverage ecommerce sector. They have in-depth knowledge of the industry's unique challenges, including perishability concerns, the need to showcase products' freshness and quality, and the importance of building trust with health-conscious consumers. This specialized knowledge allows them to create tailored solutions that resonate specifically with the food and beverage audience.

Charle excels at designing enticing product pages that showcase the unique aspects of your food and beverage offerings. This involves high-quality imagery and detailed product descriptions that highlight flavor profiles, ingredients, and sourcing practices. Their ability to incorporate storytelling elements into the ecommerce experience is another major strength. By weaving brand narratives, recipe ideas, or even "meet the maker" profiles into the website, Charle helps food and beverage brands create a deeper connection with their audience.

In addition to visually appealing stores, Charle offers expertise in key areas like subscription model development and product bundling. Whether you're selling curated snack boxes, gourmet coffee subscriptions, or meal kits, Charle can help optimize your Shopify Plus store for recurring revenue and enhanced customer engagement. This combination of strong storytelling, beautiful visuals, and technical expertise makes Charle a powerful partner for food and beverage brands looking to thrive in the ecommerce space.

4. Milk Bottle Labs

Milk Bottle Labs stands out as a Shopify Plus agency focused on accelerating growth for food and beverage brands. They are a Shopify Plus Partner and have been a leading force in ecommerce since 2014. They have a deep understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities faced by food and beverage brands in the digital space, particularly those ready to scale rapidly. They prioritize a strategic approach, combining data-driven insights with a keen understanding of consumer behavior within the food and beverage sector.

Milk Bottle Labs' core strength lies in their expertise in customer acquisition and retention. They implement effective strategies to drive traffic to your Shopify Plus store, optimize conversion funnels, and create engaging customer experiences that encourage repeat purchases. Whether it's through targeted advertising campaigns, social media engagement, or email marketing automation, Milk Bottle Labs helps food and beverage brands build a loyal customer base and maximize their ecommerce sales potential.

This agency also recognizes the importance of a strong technical foundation for scalable growth. They ensure your Shopify Plus store is optimized for high traffic, can handle complex product configurations (e.g., meal kits, subscription boxes), and integrates smoothly with essential tools like inventory management systems and fulfillment solutions. Milk Bottle Labs' commitment to data-driven strategies and scalable solutions makes them a valuable partner for food and beverage brands ready to take their ecommerce business to the next level.

5. Sleepless Media

Sleepless Media boasts a strong track record of helping both emerging startups and established food and beverage brands thrive on Shopify Plus. Their extensive experience in the food and beverage ecommerce sector allows them to understand the unique challenges faced by each stage of a brand's development. Whether you're a new player looking to make a splash or an established company seeking to optimize your online presence, Sleepless Media offers tailored solutions that drive results.

Their expertise spans various product categories within the food and beverage industry. From gourmet coffee brands and artisanal snack companies to organic juice producers and specialty food retailers, they have experience working with diverse brands. This versatility, combined with a strong design aesthetic and data-driven marketing strategies, makes them a valuable partner for food and beverage businesses seeking to increase ecommerce sales and build a loyal customer base.

One of Sleepless Media's core strengths lies in their data-driven approach to ecommerce marketing. They meticulously analyze website data, customer behavior, and campaign performance to refine strategies, optimize conversion funnels, and drive impactful results. This data-centric focus ensures that every marketing dollar is invested wisely, leading to greater ROI and sustainable growth for your food and beverage brand.

6. The Taproom Agency

The Taproom Agency has a clear focus: empowering craft breweries to thrive in the digital world. They understand the unique challenges faced by breweries venturing into ecommerce sales, such as showcasing the nuances of various beer styles, managing limited-edition releases, and cultivating a loyal community of beer enthusiasts online. The Taproom Agency's expertise lies in translating the unique atmosphere of a brewery's taproom into an engaging online experience.

They specialize in creating Shopify Plus stores that embody the brewery's brand identity, leveraging high-quality visuals, storytelling elements, and interactive features that resonate with craft beer enthusiasts. This includes showcasing the brewing process, highlighting the stories behind each beer, and creating virtual tasting experiences that bring the taproom feel to customers' screens.

The Taproom Agency also possesses deep expertise in subscription models, which are particularly well-suited for the craft beer industry. Whether it's a monthly beer club, a seasonal release box, or a customizable subscription service, they can implement and optimize Shopify Plus features to ensure seamless subscription management, increased customer retention, and ultimately, a boost in overall ecommerce sales for your brewery.

7. Trellis

Trellis distinguishes itself as a data-focused Shopify Plus agency, catering specifically to the unique needs of food and beverage brands. They understand that in this industry, taste is personal, and so should your ecommerce marketing. Trellis goes beyond beautiful design; they leverage the power of Shopify Plus analytics to gain deep insights into customer behavior and buying patterns within the food and beverage industry. This could mean tracking which products are often purchased together, identifying peak shopping times, or understanding how customers interact with specific product categories on your website.

This data is then used to create highly targeted marketing campaigns that resonate with specific customer segments. For example, if data shows that vegan shoppers frequently browse your snacks, Trellis could craft tailored email campaigns promoting your plant-based options, complete with personalized product recommendations and enticing offers. They can also personalize the customer journey by recommending relevant products based on browsing history, offering special promotions, and delivering content tailored to individual preferences, such as recipes or pairing suggestions.

By focusing on data and personalization, Trellis helps food and beverage brands on Shopify Plus optimize their ecommerce strategies for maximum impact. This approach drives not only increased sales but also long-term customer loyalty, as shoppers feel understood and appreciated by the brand. If you're a data-driven food and beverage brand looking to take your Shopify Plus store to the next level, Trellis is a partner to consider.

8. The Big Red Jelly

The Big Red Jelly prides itself on being a full-service Shopify Plus agency, offering comprehensive support for ecommerce businesses. With a deep understanding of the Shopify Plus platform and a strong track record working with food and beverage brands, they have the expertise to handle every aspect of your online presence. From crafting visually appealing storefronts to optimizing product pages and creating compelling marketing campaigns, The Big Red Jelly helps CPG brands establish a solid foundation for growth.

In the food and beverage sector, Big Red Jelly recognizes the unique challenges of enticing customers with mouthwatering visuals and ensuring a seamless checkout experience. Their design team focuses on creating stunning product showcases, enticing product descriptions, and visually-led brand storytelling that resonates with food lovers. Additionally, their developers are well-versed in implementing features crucial to food and beverage ecommerce, such as subscriptions, pre-orders, and bulk order options.

The Big Red Jelly's services go beyond design and development. They offer strategic ecommerce marketing expertise, helping food and beverage brands increase sales through targeted campaigns, social media engagement, and search engine optimization. By integrating their comprehensive offerings, The Big Red Jelly empowers food and beverage businesses to establish a strong brand identity, drive customer engagement, and achieve sustainable growth within the Shopify Plus ecosystem.

The Maverick Advantage: Personalized Video for Delicious Engagement

Maverick's AI-powered personalized videos inject a fresh dose of flavor into your ecommerce marketing mix. By seamlessly integrating with your Shopify Plus store, Maverick empowers you to create dynamic video messages that resonate with customers at every touchpoint. Think of it as adding a dash of gourmet flair to your communications – videos that are not only visually appealing but also tailored to each individual customer's preferences and journey.

For food and beverage brands, this is a recipe for success. Partnering with the agencies mentioned above, you can leverage Maverick to:

Tempt Taste Buds with Product Demonstrations: Imagine sending a new customer a personalized video showcasing your artisan cheese selection, complete with pairing suggestions and a glimpse into the cheese-making process. It's a virtual tasting experience that builds anticipation and drives conversions.

Cultivate Loyalty with Personalized Gratitude: Turn one-time buyers into brand evangelists with customized thank you videos. Imagine a customer receives a video message that not only expresses gratitude for their recent purchase but also features a chef demonstrating a delicious recipe using their purchased ingredients. This elevates the unboxing experience, fosters a deeper connection with your brand, and encourages repeat purchases.

Rescue Abandoned Carts with Flavorful Reminders: An abandoned cart doesn't have to be a lost sale. A personalized video gently reminding customers of the delectable treats they left behind, perhaps highlighting a limited-time offer or free shipping, can be the nudge they need to complete their purchase.

Personalized videos aren't just a trend; they're a proven strategy for boosting engagement and driving sales in the food and beverage ecommerce space. Let Maverick enhance your agency's efforts and help your brand stand out in the competitive digital marketplace.


In the world of food and beverage ecommerce, standing out requires more than just offering delicious products. It's about crafting an online experience that's as unique and memorable as your brand's signature recipe. Choosing the right Shopify Plus agency is like finding the perfect sous chef – they bring the skills, the experience, and the passion to help your culinary creations reach their full potential.

And what's the secret ingredient to take it all to the next level? Personalized video, powered by Maverick. Think of it as the garnishment that elevates a dish from good to unforgettable. These videos add a human touch, create a deeper connection with your customers, and show them that your brand is more than just a shopping cart – it's a culinary experience.

So, if you're ready to ditch those bland, generic emails and create a Shopify Plus store that's as delectable as your products, it's time to explore the power of partnerships. Find your perfect Shopify Plus agency match, add Maverick to your marketing spice rack, and get ready to watch your ecommerce sales sizzle!

Maverick uses AI-generated video to help ecommerce stores have personalized interactions with each of their customers across their journey. Start boosting your customers’ lifetime value (LTV) today with personal videos at scale!

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