Best Shopify Plus Apps for Beauty and Skincare Brands

Need your Shopify Plus beauty store to stand out? Discover how apps and personalized videos with Maverick create unforgettable customer experiences.

The beauty industry on Shopify Plus is a dazzling and demanding world. It's like stepping into a Sephora with virtual shelves that stretch to infinity, competing with countless brands vying for attention. It takes more than just a pretty website and a well-formulated moisturizer to stand out.

You need excellent customer service (because no one wants to wait days for a skincare regimen recommendation), social proof galore (glowing reviews are like virtual word-of-mouth), and visuals that make customers want to add everything to their cart.

Choosing the right Shopify Plus apps is like assembling your dream skincare routine – each one targets a specific need. They help you personalize experiences, turn shoppers into loyal fans, and ultimately drive the kind of growth that makes your sales chart blush.

But what if you could add a secret ingredient that takes these apps to the next level? That's where Maverick comes in. Think of it as your virtual beauty consultant, adding a personalized video touch that makes your brand unforgettable. Ready to transform your Shopify Plus store into a customer experience powerhouse? Let's dive in!

Why Beauty and Skincare Brands Need the Best Shopify Plus Apps

It's tempting to think that a beautiful website and high-quality products guarantee success for beauty brands on Shopify Plus. The reality is far more complex. Here's why top Shopify Plus apps are essential:

The Paradox of Choice

Endless aisles of products might seem appealing, but extensive choice can overwhelm customers in the beauty industry. Apps offering smart personalization (like Nosto) cut through the clutter. They help customers find their perfect match quickly, creating a positive experience that encourages purchases rather than decision fatigue.

Social Proof is the New Word of Mouth

In an industry built on trust, social proof isn't just nice to have; it's a dealbreaker. Apps like Loox and Okendo empower customers to share experiences and reviews. This authentic, user-generated content is incredibly persuasive, influencing purchase decisions far more than slick marketing copy ever could.

The "Try Before You Buy" Challenge

Unlike clothing, you can't try on a moisturizer or lipstick shade before ordering online. Reviews help, but apps offering AR try-on technology, virtual consultations, or even the ability to integrate customer-submitted photos into product listings can bridge that gap. These features simulate an in-store experience, increasing purchase confidence and minimizing returns.

Subscription Models Aren't a Fad, They're a Foundation

Skincare regimens and replenishment-based beauty items are perfect for subscription models (think Recharge). These apps create predictable revenue streams but require careful personalization. Sending a customer their third bottle of the same serum is efficient but not memorable. This is where integrating personalized videos into your subscription program (with tools like Maverick) comes in, creating "wow" moments that deepen loyalty.

The Beauty Industry is Data-Hungry

Data-driven decisions are essential. Top apps help track key metrics: which email subject lines perform best, what causes cart abandonment, what drives repeat purchases. This isn't just about numbers; it's about understanding your customer's journey, pain points, and aspirations, enabling you to tailor both your products and marketing.

All in all, investing in the right Shopify Plus apps is about more than just fancy features. It's about staying competitive, offering experiences that set you apart, and building a data-driven beauty brand that understands its audience and anticipates their needs.

Top 8 Shopify Plus Apps for Beauty and Skincare Brands

1. Loox

In the beauty industry, trust is everything. Customers want to see real results before they invest in a new serum or try a bold lipstick shade. That's where Loox shines. This top-rated Shopify Plus app empowers you to showcase authentic customer reviews, complete with star ratings, photos, and even video testimonials directly on your product pages.

Think of Loox as giving a virtual megaphone to your happiest customers. Their positive experiences become powerful social proof, influencing hesitant shoppers to take that leap and click "add to cart." This builds trust, drives conversions, and helps you increase your Shopify sales organically.

2. Recharge Subscriptions

Skincare routines and many beauty products aren't one-time purchases – they're essential replenishments. Recharge Subscriptions makes it easy to turn those recurring purchases into a steady revenue stream. With Recharge, you can offer hassle-free subscription options for cleansers, moisturizers, or even curated beauty boxes, customizing delivery frequency to suit your customers' needs.

This model is a win-win for your beauty brand. Customers enjoy convenience and potential discounts, while you benefit from predictable revenue, increased customer retention, and a boost to overall ecommerce sales.

3. LoyaltyLion

In the competitive world of beauty, building brand loyalty is essential. LoyaltyLion is designed to help you do just that, allowing you to create customized, engaging loyalty programs. Think beyond basic points – LoyaltyLion allows you to reward customers for actions like leaving reviews, following you on social media, or celebrating their birthdays, fostering a sense of community around your brand.

Tiered systems, exclusive rewards, and personalized incentives help you keep customers coming back for more. This translates to increased customer retention, higher average order values, and a significant boost to your ecommerce sales within the beauty sector.

4. Gorgias

Excellent customer service is non-negotiable in the beauty industry. Customers often have questions about ingredients, application techniques, or finding the right products for their specific skin concerns. Gorgias empowers you to provide top-tier support across multiple channels. Their unified help desk brings together emails, social media inquiries, and live chat, ensuring no customer question goes unanswered.

Additionally, Gorgias offers automated responses for common FAQs, freeing up your team to focus on complex inquiries. This responsive service builds trust, minimizes potential frustrations, and can even turn customer service interactions into sales opportunities, contributing to increased Shopify sales and overall positive brand perception.

5. Shogun Page Builder

In the world of beauty, visuals are your most powerful sales tool. Shogun Page Builder is designed specifically for Shopify, giving you the power to craft stunning product pages, immersive landing pages, and content-rich collections without needing extensive coding knowledge. Its intuitive drag-and-drop interface lets you showcase your products with high-resolution images, engaging videos, and compelling copy that guides customers towards the "add to cart" button.

Shogun empowers you to create a visually captivating online store that reflects your brand's unique aesthetic. This seamless, elevated visual experience translates directly to increased engagement, longer browsing sessions, and, ultimately, a boost in your Shopify sales.

6. understands that there's no one-size-fits-all approach to building brand loyalty. That's why they offer a suite of tools and customizable options for creating the perfect loyalty program for your beauty brand. Whether you want to focus on points-based rewards, a referral system, or exclusive VIP tiers, provides the flexibility to design a program that aligns with your goals and resonates with your customers. also integrates seamlessly with other Shopify Plus apps. This means you can trigger rewards based on actions across your store, creating a cohesive loyalty experience that drives customer retention, repeat purchases, and a boost in your overall ecommerce sales.

7. Okendo

Okendo understands that customer reviews and user-generated content (UGC) are like organic marketing magic for beauty brands. It's not just about collecting reviews; Okendo helps you solicit and beautifully display customer photos and videos. Imagine product pages featuring real customers showcasing their glowing skin after using your moisturizer or showing off their bold lipstick looks.

This type of authentic social proof builds trust faster than any marketing copy ever could. Okendo's focus on visual content helps potential customers envision themselves using your products, leading to increased confidence in their purchase decisions, driving both customer retention and Shopify sales.

8. Nosto

Nosto is like having a data-driven personal shopper working for your beauty brand 24/7. Its AI analyzes customer behavior, browsing patterns, and purchase history to create highly personalized product recommendations. These targeted recommendations appear in various formats throughout the customer journey, including dynamic pop-ups, personalized emails, and tailored product displays on your website.

This level of personalization makes customers feel understood and catered to. By showing them products that align with their interests and needs, Nosto helps guide them towards discovery and purchase, driving significant increases in ecommerce sales and overall marketing effectiveness.

How to Choose the Right Shopify Plus App for Your Beauty and Skincare Brand

  1. Focus on Customer Journey, Not Just Features

Many brands prioritize flashy features over a holistic customer journey. Think beyond the app itself. How will it integrate with your existing tech stack? Will it create a smooth, personalized experience across all touchpoints? Prioritize apps that enhance specific stages of the customer journey, like post-purchase video tutorials with Recharge or personalized welcome videos with

  1. Data is King, Queen is Integration

Beauty is a data-driven business. Customer insights are crucial for personalization and targeted marketing. Choose apps that integrate seamlessly with your Shopify Plus analytics and CRM. This creates a centralized data hub, allowing you to track campaign performance, understand customer behavior, and personalize interactions effectively across all your apps.

  1. Go Niche or Go Broad, But Don't Go Shallow

There are Shopify Plus apps for everything! Resist the urge to be a jack-of-all-trades. Focus on a core set of apps that address your specific needs. If your brand specializes in natural skincare, consider an app like Okendo that excels in showcasing organic product ingredients through customer photos. Don't spread yourself thin; master a strategic selection.

  1. Embrace the Power of Less (Common, But True)

Contrary to popular belief, having too many apps can overwhelm your customer and create a clunky experience. Too many loyalty programs, pop-ups, and chatbots can dilute your brand message. Carefully curate your app selection, focusing on those that deliver high impact and integrate cohesively.

  1. Don't Be Afraid to Experiment (Within Reason)

The beauty landscape is constantly evolving. Be open to trying new apps, especially those focused on emerging trends like AR/VR product visualization or AI-powered chatbots for personalized consultations. However, avoid app overload – pilot new apps with a specific goal in mind and measure their effectiveness before fully integrating them.

  1. Think Beyond the Sale: Building Relationships

Customer retention is key to long-term success. Choose apps that go beyond driving immediate sales. Loyalty programs (, personalized review requests (Okendo), and exceptional customer service tools (Gorgias) all nurture customer relationships and encourage repeat business.

  1. The Human Touch in a Digital World (Especially with Video)

Beauty is an emotional purchase. While automation is essential, don't neglect the human touch. Consider apps like Maverick that leverage personalized video messages to connect with customers on a deeper level. A well-timed video can build trust, address concerns, and add a memorable spark to your brand interactions.

The Maverick Difference: Personalized Video for Elevated Results

Imagine your Shopify Plus apps are powerful tools. Maverick is the expert craftsman that helps you wield them with precision and flair, adding a personalized video dimension that strengthens their impact. Maverick's AI-generated videos integrate seamlessly with your Shopify Plus store and various apps, allowing you to create personal touches at every stage of the customer journey.

Think beyond generic emails and static product pages. With Maverick, you can use those loyalty points from to trigger a personalized "thank you" video celebrating a customer's milestone. Or, transform Nosto's AI-driven recommendations into a dynamic video showcasing those products tailored to a specific customer's interests. This level of personalization enhances customer engagement, builds a stronger emotional connection to your brand, and significantly boosts conversions within the beauty industry.

Personalized videos from Maverick leave a lasting impression. They transform those individual customer data points collected by your Shopify Plus apps into experiences that feel thoughtful and human, fostering the kind of brand loyalty that keeps beauty customers coming back for more.


Choosing the right Shopify Plus apps is like finding the perfect ingredients for your most potent skincare formula. Each one plays a crucial role, and when combined strategically, they transform your store into a customer experience powerhouse! But in a world filled with flawless product photos and targeted ads, sometimes it takes a little extra magic to stand out.

That's where Maverick comes in. Think of it as the secret ingredient that gives your Shopify Plus strategy a radiant glow. Personalized videos add a humanizing touch, building trust and fostering those "must-share-this-brand-with-my-friends" moments.

Ready to elevate your beauty brand on Shopify Plus? It's time to explore the beautiful synergy between powerful apps and the personalized touch of Maverick's videos. Get ready to watch your customer engagement, conversions, and brand loyalty soar.

Maverick uses AI-generated video to help ecommerce stores have personalized interactions with each of their customers across their journey. Start boosting your customers’ lifetime value (LTV) today with personal videos at scale!

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