Best Shopify Plus Apps for Food and Beverage Brands

Master the complexities of Shopify Plus food & beverage ecommerce! Essential apps and personalized video (Maverick) create drool-worthy customer experiences.

Selling food and drinks online isn't exactly like serving up a perfectly plated dish in a Michelin-star restaurant. Perishable items? Check. The need for drool-worthy product shots? Double check. And let's not forget the pressure to tell a brand story that's as captivating as your latest culinary creation. Oh, and did we mention subscription boxes, the bread and butter (or cheese and charcuterie?) of many food and beverage brands?

Navigating the complexities of food and beverage ecommerce on Shopify Plus requires more than a sprinkle of tech know-how. It calls for a toolkit packed with the best Shopify Plus apps tailored to your unique needs. These apps become your secret weapons, from managing inventory for that artisanal olive oil to building loyalty programs for your kombucha-loving clientele.

But what if you could add an extra dash of flavor to your Shopify Plus store? That's where Maverick steps in, like your trusty sous chef, always ready to serve up a personalized video. Whether it's a virtual tasting of your new craft beer or a heartfelt thank you video for loyal snack box subscribers, Maverick takes your customer engagement from "meh" to "mmmm" in minutes.

Why Shopify Plus Apps are Essential for Food & Beverage Brands

In the world of food and beverage ecommerce, the right Shopify Plus apps are more than just add-ons—they're the secret ingredients that transform a good store into a thriving culinary destination. Here's why they're non-negotiable:

The Perishability Paradox

Food and beverage inventory management is a delicate dance. Stock too little, and you miss out on sales. Stock too much, and risk waste. Apps like Stocky, specifically designed for Shopify Plus, use AI to predict demand, automate reordering, and optimize inventory levels based on real-time data. This isn't just about efficiency; it's about preserving the freshness and quality of your products, key for customer satisfaction in the food sector.

Building Loyalty Beyond the Flavor

In an industry where new brands and products are popping up constantly, customer loyalty is the holy grail. Shopify Plus apps like LoyaltyLion and Yotpo go beyond basic rewards programs. They can incentivize user-generated content (think mouthwatering photos of your meals or snacks), create a sense of community around your brand, and offer personalized rewards tailored to individual tastes, turning customers into lifelong brand ambassadors.

More Than Just a Menu

Customers want an experience, not just a list of products. Apps like Bold Product Options transform your online store into an interactive culinary playground. Think customizable pizza toppings, build-your-own-smoothie functionality, or the ability to bundle coffee with the perfect mug for a curated gift. This not only increases engagement but also opens up cross-selling and upselling opportunities, boosting average order values.

Beyond the Checkout

While the end goal is always the sale, customer retention is where the magic happens in the food and beverage industry. Shopify Plus apps extend beyond the checkout to nurture long-term relationships. Automated follow-up emails with recipes featuring recently purchased ingredients, or personalized video messages celebrating subscription milestones (think "Congratulations on your 3rd month of coffee delivery!") turn one-time customers into repeat buyers.

Data: The Hidden Ingredient

The most successful Shopify Plus apps for food and beverage brands leverage data to drive decisions. This isn't just about tracking sales figures. It's about understanding what flavors resonate most, what time of day customers are most likely to browse, and what types of content drive engagement. This data-driven approach allows you to create targeted marketing campaigns, personalized recommendations, and a truly customized online experience that keeps customers coming back for seconds.

Top 8 Shopify Plus Apps for Culinary Success

1. Recharge Subscriptions

For many food and beverage brands, recurring revenue from subscriptions is a vital ingredient in their ecommerce success recipe. Recharge Subscriptions takes the complexity out of managing these models, making it seamless for customers to sign up for automatic deliveries of their favorite products. This could be a monthly coffee bean subscription for a roaster, a weekly delivery of fresh produce for a meal kit service, or even a quarterly box of gourmet snacks. Recharge handles everything from payment processing and order fulfillment to customizable delivery frequencies and easy cancellation options.

This convenience for the customer translates into increased shopify customer retention, brand loyalty, and predictable revenue for your business. With Recharge, you can also implement strategies like discounted subscription pricing and exclusive offers for subscribers, further incentivizing repeat purchases and increasing your overall ecommerce sales.

  1. LoyaltyLion

Loyalty programs are a proven way to foster brand advocates, and LoyaltyLion is the Shopify Plus app that makes it effortless. It goes beyond the basics of rewarding points for purchases, offering flexibility to create a program tailored to your specific brand. LoyaltyLion empowers you to create custom actions that customers can take to earn points, such as referring friends, leaving reviews, or engaging with your social media. This encourages interaction across channels, building a community around your brand and driving lasting loyalty.

Beyond points, LoyaltyLion enables you to offer exclusive perks and tiered rewards, creating a sense of exclusivity that keeps customers coming back for more. This might involve early access to new product launches, birthday discounts, or unique experiences. By incentivizing engagement and fostering a sense of community, LoyaltyLion helps drive repeat purchases, increase customer lifetime value, and ultimately boost ecommerce sales for your Shopify Plus food and beverage store.

3. Yotpo Reviews & Loyalty

Social proof is like the digital version of word-of-mouth marketing, and it's essential for building trust in the food and beverage industry. Yotpo is a powerful Shopify Plus app that simplifies the process of collecting and showcasing authentic customer reviews, star ratings, photos, and even Q&A sections directly on your product pages. This user-generated content creates a sense of community and authenticity around your products, helping potential customers make informed decisions.

Imagine a shopper browsing your online store, hesitant to try a new flavor of artisanal coffee. Seeing positive reviews, photos of the coffee being enjoyed, and answers to questions about its taste and brewing process can alleviate their concerns and encourage them to purchase. By leveraging this social proof, Yotpo not only helps increase Shopify sales but also fosters a loyal customer base that actively engages with your brand.

4. Bold Product Options

In the food and beverage industry, customization reigns supreme. Consumers crave personalized options, from crafting their ideal pizza toppings to selecting the perfect ingredients for a unique coffee blend. Bold Product Options empowers your Shopify Plus store to cater to these desires, enabling you to create dynamic product pages that allow customers to tailor their orders with ease. This could mean adding checkboxes for various pizza toppings, dropdown menus for different coffee bean origins, or quantity selectors for items like spices and herbs.

By providing this level of customization, you not only enhance customer engagement but also open up avenues for increased sales. Customers who feel they have agency over their order are more likely to add additional items to their cart. Moreover, with Bold Product Options, you can create appealing upsell opportunities, like suggesting extra cheese for a pizza or a unique flavor shot for their coffee, leading to a higher average order value for your ecommerce business.

5. Route Package Protection

Shipping perishable food and beverage items comes with inherent risks, such as lost, stolen, or damaged packages. Route Package Protection is a Shopify Plus app designed to mitigate these risks, providing both peace of mind for your customers and financial protection for your brand. Route offers affordable package insurance that allows customers to easily file claims for missing or damaged goods, ensuring a seamless customer experience even when unexpected delivery issues arise.

By integrating Route, you not only increase customer satisfaction through improved post-purchase support but also protect your business from the financial burden of replacing lost or damaged products. This translates to cost savings, higher customer retention, and ultimately, increased Shopify sales. Additionally, the peace of mind offered by Route's package protection can serve as a powerful marketing tool, reassuring potential customers and encouraging them to complete their purchase.

  1. TinyIMG SEO & Image Optimizer

In the food and beverage industry, mouthwatering visuals are essential for enticing customers and driving sales. TinyIMG SEO & Image Optimizer is a Shopify Plus app designed to streamline image optimization, ensuring your product photos look their best while also contributing to a fast, user-friendly website experience. The app automatically compresses and resizes your images without sacrificing quality, leading to faster page load times. This is crucial in ecommerce, where slow-loading websites can deter potential customers.

But TinyIMG goes beyond aesthetics and speed. The app also optimizes images for search engines, improving your website's SEO (Search Engine Optimization). This means your delicious food and beverage photos are more likely to appear in relevant image searches, increasing your brand's visibility and driving organic traffic to your Shopify Plus store. With TinyIMG, your product photos not only look enticing but also work harder to attract customers and boost your online sales.

  1. Stocky by Shopify

Inventory management is a crucial aspect of running a successful food and beverage ecommerce business. Stocky by Shopify is a comprehensive inventory management app designed to simplify this process. The app integrates seamlessly with your Shopify Plus store, providing real-time visibility into your inventory levels across multiple locations, channels, and even warehouses. Stocky's AI-powered forecasting tools help you anticipate demand fluctuations, ensuring you're always adequately stocked without risking overstock situations, which can lead to spoilage for perishable goods.

By accurately tracking inventory levels and forecasting demand, Stocky empowers you to make informed decisions about purchasing, restocking, and managing stock levels. This helps you avoid costly stockouts that lead to missed sales opportunities and dissatisfied customers. For food and beverage brands, this level of precision inventory management is essential, as it helps ensure that your products are always fresh, available, and ready to be delivered to eager customers, maximizing your ecommerce sales potential.

8. Product Reviews

Customer reviews are the modern word-of-mouth, and is your trusty megaphone. This Shopify Plus app streamlines the process of collecting and displaying reviews, but it goes further by actively encouraging customers to share photos and videos of their experiences. Imagine a customer savoring your gourmet coffee blend or unboxing a beautifully packaged snack box— makes it easy for them to share these moments, transforming their enthusiasm into compelling visual content on your product pages.

This user-generated content is a goldmine for increasing Shopify sales. Potential customers see real people enjoying your products, not just polished marketing images.'s customizable widgets allow you to showcase this content in a way that's visually appealing and integrates seamlessly with your brand's aesthetic. This not only builds trust and credibility but also makes your products more relatable and desirable, driving conversions and boosting your bottom line.

The Maverick Advantage: The Secret Ingredient for Engagement

Imagine your Shopify Plus apps are a well-stocked pantry of powerful tools. Maverick is the expert chef who transforms those ingredients into a gourmet experience, adding a personalized video touch that takes customer engagement to new heights.

Here's how Maverick's AI-generated personalized videos can enhance the effectiveness of the essential apps we've discussed:

  • Recharge Subscriptions: Instead of a generic email confirmation, imagine welcoming new subscribers with a warm, personalized video that features the team behind your brand and a sneak peek of their first delivery. Or, surprise loyal subscribers with a personalized video celebrating their one-year anniversary and offering a special discount.
  • LoyaltyLion & Yotpo: Reward your loyal customers with a personalized video celebrating their point milestones or a curated video showcasing exclusive rewards they've unlocked. For customers who leave glowing reviews or share photos, a thank you video creates a genuine connection and encourages them to become brand ambassadors.
  • Bold Product Options: Elevate your customizable product pages with videos. For example, if you offer a "Build Your Own Trail Mix" option, a video demonstrating various ingredient combinations and suggesting pairings could enhance the shopping experience and encourage exploration.
  • Abandoned Carts: Instead of just a plain text reminder, re-engage potential customers with a personalized video. Show them the items they left behind, offer a special discount, or highlight a tasty recipe idea using those ingredients.
  • Overall Enhancement: Maverick doesn't just work with individual apps; it enhances your entire Shopify Plus store. You can use personalized videos on your homepage to introduce your brand, create engaging product tutorials, or even incorporate them into your customer support interactions, offering a unique, human touch that fosters trust and loyalty.

Personalized videos are like the garnishes on a beautifully plated dish. They elevate the experience, make your brand more memorable, and leave a lasting impression on your customers. By incorporating Maverick's personalized video capabilities into your Shopify Plus strategy, you create a recipe for delicious customer engagement, increased sales, and long-term brand loyalty in the competitive food and beverage ecommerce space.


Choosing the right Shopify Plus apps for your food and beverage brand is like assembling the perfect charcuterie board – every element needs to complement the others for a truly delicious experience. The right apps streamline your operations, entice customers with irresistible visuals, and build loyalty that goes beyond just a one-time snack craving.

But, let's be honest, even the most mouthwatering cheese platter needs that special touch. That's where Maverick comes in, sprinkling personalized video magic over your ecommerce strategy. From welcoming new subscribers with a warm video greeting to showcasing how to create gourmet meals with your ingredients, Maverick elevates the customer experience and makes your brand unforgettable.

As text-to-video AI technology continues to improve, businesses will be able to create even more personalized experiences for their customers. By utilizing AI-generated videos, businesses can create personalized videos at scale, providing a more engaging and personalized experience for their customers without having to hire a human editor.

Maverick uses AI-generated video to help ecommerce stores have personalized interactions with each of their customers across their journey. Start boosting your customers’ lifetime value (LTV) today with personal videos at scale!

Want to see Maverick in action? Tell us your name and we will send you an AI generated personalized video.
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