How to Create a Snooze Segment in Klaviyo

Give your customers inbox control! Learn how Klaviyo's "Snooze" option and personalized video (Maverick) prevent burnout and boost engagement.

Let's face it, your customers' inboxes are like the hottest party in town – and you're not the only one vying for their attention. Bombarding them with non-stop emails is a surefire way to get you kicked off the guest list (or worse, marked as spam). It's time to respect those virtual bouncers and avoid email fatigue at all costs.

This is where a Klaviyo "Snooze" segment comes to the rescue. Think of it like letting your customers customize their email party playlist. They need a breather? They can temporarily hit "pause" on your emails without cutting ties completely. It's the email equivalent of taking a mini-break from the dancefloor to grab a drink.

Of course, you want them back on that dancefloor eventually! That's where Maverick steps in. Imagine a personalized video that feels like your most charismatic friend gently nudging them to rejoin the party. Let's dive into how to create this customer-centric "Snooze" experience in Klaviyo and how to amp up its effectiveness with personalized videos.

Protect Your Unsubscribe Rate: Why a Snooze Option Matters

The Unsubscribe Risk

In the battle for inbox attention, your unsubscribe rate is a key metric. Overly frequent emails, content that consistently misses the mark, or a lack of personalization can all trigger that dreaded "unsubscribe" click. Once a customer unsubscribes, it's incredibly difficult to win them back.

Imagine your emails constantly vying for attention in a customer's inbox overflowing with work, social updates, and other subscriptions. Every time they open one of your emails and find it irrelevant, overly salesy, or feeling impersonal, it chips away at their patience. Before you know it, they reach a breaking point, and with a single click, they're gone. Unsubscribes are the email equivalent of a breakup, and winning back that customer often feels near impossible.

Empowering Customers

A "Snooze" option offers a middle ground. It empowers customers who are feeling overwhelmed by giving them control of their inbox experience. Need a break from the constant stream of promotions? A simple "Snooze" link lets them take that break without the permanent severing of ties that an unsubscribe involves.

Sarah loves your skincare products but is juggling a busy work project and feels swamped. A "Snooze" link offers a lifeline. Instead of permanently unsubscribing out of frustration, she can hit "Snooze" for two weeks, knowing your promotions will be waiting when she has more bandwidth. This puts her in the driver's seat of her inbox, creating a sense of empowerment and control that strengthens her positive feelings toward your brand.

Reduce Frustration

Bombarding customers with emails they don't want creates frustration. A "Snooze" link offers a proactive solution. It demonstrates that you respect their preferences and value their presence in your subscriber list. This lessens the likelihood of them feeling annoyed by your brand, an emotion that often drives rash unsubscribes.

Every day, Michael receives a barrage of emails offering flash sales he doesn't care about or new arrivals in styles far removed from his usual purchases. It starts to feel like inbox spam, breeding annoyance towards the sender, even if he initially liked the brand. A visible "Snooze" option acts as a pressure release valve. Instead of seething and hitting unsubscribe, he can opt for a temporary break, preserving the possibility of re-engagement down the line and lessening the negative emotions towards your brand.

How to Build Your Klaviyo Snooze Segment

1. Adding the 'Snooze" Link

Locate Your Footer: Start by navigating to the email template you use for your regular marketing emails within Klaviyo. You'll likely want to add the snooze link to a standard footer that's used across various campaigns.

Code Snippet Time: Insert the following piece of code in your email footer, ideally just above the existing "Unsubscribe" link: {% update_property_link ‘Snooze’ ‘True’ ‘YourBrandURL’ %}

Important Note: Replace 'YourBrandURL' with the actual URL where you want customers to be redirected when they click the link. This could be your homepage or a dedicated landing page with a message confirming their snooze.

Visual Guide: Include screenshots or a short screen recording demonstrating where to find the footer area in Klaviyo, and how to insert the code snippet. This helps users of various technical levels.

Make it Your Own: The default text for the link will read "Snooze". You may want to customize this to better match your brand's voice. Consider options like:

·         "Need a breather?"

·         "Pause emails for a bit"

·         "Catch you later!"

2. Creating the Snooze Segment

Navigate to Segments: Within Klaviyo, locate the "Segments" tab or section. Here's where you'll create a new segment specifically for your snoozers.

Defining the Snooze: Follow these steps to establish the core condition for your segment:

·         Click "Create Segment"

·         Select "Properties about someone"

·         Find and select "Snooze"

·         Choose "equals"

·         Select "True"

Name Your Segment: Give it a descriptive name (e.g., "Email Snooze - Active") to clearly identify its purpose.

Expiration Date: It's wise to set a time limit on how long a customer remains in the snooze segment. Within your segment settings, add an additional condition:

·         "Date added"

·         "is before"

·         Configure this to a timeframe that makes sense for your business (e.g., 14 days ago, 30 days ago). This ensures customers are automatically re-engaged after a reasonable break.

Clarity: Consider adding a short description to your segment, explaining its function and the expiration timeframe. This is helpful if you have multiple team members working within Klaviyo.

3. The Auto-Snooze Flow

Flow Trigger: Start by creating a new flow in Klaviyo. Choose the trigger "Metric Changed," specifically set to the "Snooze" property changing to "True." This means the flow will activate the moment a customer clicks that "Snooze" link.

Pause for Reflection: Add a "Time Delay" step to your flow. This is where you'll determine your ideal snooze duration (more on that below).

Welcome Back: The next step is an "Update Profile Property" action. Here, change the "Snooze" property back to "False." This removes them from the Snooze segment and makes them eligible to receive your regular emails again.

Cadence & Content: If you send frequent emails with time-sensitive promotions, a shorter snooze (14 days or less) might be best. For less frequent communication, a longer snooze (up to 30 days) might be suitable.

Respect and Strategy: Ultimately, you want to respect a customer's desire for a break but also avoid them forgetting about you entirely. Experimentation based on your Klaviyo metrics can help you find the sweet spot.

4. Excluding the Segment

The whole point of the "Snooze" option is to give customers a break from your regular marketing emails. Continuing to send those emails to your "Snooze" segment defeats the purpose and can erode trust. It's the email equivalent of ignoring a "Do Not Disturb" sign and knocking on the hotel room door anyway.

Thankfully, applying the exclusion in Klaviyo is straightforward:

Campaigns: When setting up any regular email campaign, go to the "Recipients" tab. Under "Segment," make sure your "Email Snooze - Active" (or similarly named) segment is not selected.

Flows: Within any flows designed for ongoing communication (welcome series, promotions, etc.), you'll find a "Filters" section. Add a filter specifying: "Snooze" "equals" "False." This ensures only customers who are not snoozing will proceed through the flow.

Pro Tip: Regularly update your standard campaigns and flows to include this exclusion. Make it a best practice to avoid accidentally emailing your snoozing customers.

Top 5 Factors Behind a High Unsubscribe Rate

  1. Irrelevant Content

If your emails consistently miss the mark on what interests your customers, they'll stop seeing the value in them. Solution: Robust segmentation based on purchase history and customer data, plus the "Snooze" option for when someone just needs a temporary break, not a permanent divorce from your emails.

  1. Overly Promotional

Customers are savvy – they understand you want to sell. But being bombarded with constant "Buy Now!" messages gets old fast. Solution: Offer value beyond discounts – educational content, styling tips for your fashion products, behind-the-scenes peeks. A "Snooze" can be a softer option if someone temporarily needs less, not zero, engagement.

  1. Too Frequent Emails

Finding the perfect email cadence is an art. Too frequent, and you become inbox noise. Solution: Analyze your open rates and unsubscribe metrics to find your sweet spot, and offer the "Snooze" as a less drastic way to control the flow.

  1. Impersonal Communication

Generic blasts that don't address customers by name feel antiquated. Solution: Implement personalization in Klaviyo – product recommendations, birthday-specific offers, etc., show you care to know them as individuals. If life gets busy, they might "Snooze" instead of unsubscribing due to the effort you put into personalization.

  1. Difficult Unsubscribe Process

Don't make unsubscribing an obstacle course. A clear, easily found unsubscribe link is legally required, but also builds trust. Solution: Include that "Snooze" option right alongside "Unsubscribe" as a customer-friendly alternative, letting them know you respect their inbox control.

The Maverick Advantage – Level Up Your Snooze Strategy

While Klaviyo's snooze segment offers functionality, personalized videos make it feel warm and human. Customers are more likely to appreciate a brand that understands their need for space and then makes re-engaging a delightful experience.

Snooze Confirmation Video: Imagine clicking "Snooze" and landing on a page featuring a short personalized video. The video acknowledges your choice, maybe adds a playful visual element (confetti, a relaxing beach scene), and lets you know they'll see you back in your inbox soon. This builds a positive association with the snooze action.

Targeted "We Miss You" Campaign: After the snooze period ends, instead of a generic "welcome back" email, trigger a personalized video. It could address the customer by name, express that you've missed them, and include a tailored incentive based on their past data. A video showcasing a new product in their favorite category or a personalized discount feels more like a friend reaching out than simply mass marketing.

These personalized video touchpoints transform the "Snooze" experience. It becomes an interaction that reinforces a positive brand connection, increasing the likelihood of successful re-engagement and long-term customer retention.


By now, you're a pro at creating a Klaviyo snooze segment. It involves adding a little code magic to your email, setting up a segment, and ensuring those snoozers are woken up with their favorite latte (okay, maybe not the latte part, but a girl can dream!).

At its core, a snooze segment isn't just about technical savvy; it's about putting your customers first. Think of it as the email equivalent of letting a friend reschedule a coffee date instead of ghosting you entirely. You're showing them you respect their time and their inbox sanity.

Now, let's crank up that customer-centricity with Maverick! Imagine a personalized video confirming a customer's snooze choice or a heartwarming "we miss you" message that lures them back after their break. This touch of personalization transforms a practical feature into a truly delightful experience that cultivates loyal, long-term customer relationships.

Ready to say goodbye to frustrated unsubscribes and hello to happy, engaged customers? Explore the power of Klaviyo's segmentation and give Maverick's personalized video a spin. Your customer relationships (and likely your email metrics) will thank you!

Maverick uses AI-generated video to help ecommerce stores have personalized interactions with each of their customers across their journey. Start boosting your customers’ lifetime value (LTV) today with personal videos at scale!

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