Klaviyo Best Practices for Beauty and Skincare Brands

Ditch generic emails! Klaviyo and personalized video (Maverick) help you build strong customer relationships and boost loyalty in the beauty space.

Your customers' inboxes are the hottest beauty battleground. Generic blasts and mass promotions are being tossed in the virtual trash faster than last season's limited-edition glitter eyeshadow. To win in the competitive email marketing landscape, especially in the beauty and skincare sector, you need the right tools and strategy.

Think of Klaviyo as your expert makeup artist. It offers the precision brushes, advanced techniques, and a data-driven understanding of your clientele needed to create email campaigns that stand out. But even the most skilled makeup artist can only do so much with a static photo.

That's where Maverick enters as your secret weapon. We add a dose of personality, a touch of sparkle, and personalize your Klaviyo campaigns with videos that feel as luxurious as your best-selling face serum. Let's ditch those one-size-fits-none emails and craft experiences that truly resonate, driving engagement, conversions, and fierce brand loyalty.

Why Klaviyo Is Essential for Beauty Brands

Customer Segmentation Deep Dive

Klaviyo understands that your beauty customers aren't one-size-fits-all. Its advanced segmentation goes beyond basic demographics. You can segment based on purchase history (Is this a first-time customer or a repeat buyer of a specific moisturizer?), skin concerns indicated in a profile, even past interactions with your emails (Did they consistently open your "dry skin solutions" content?). This nuanced segmentation is a game-changer in the beauty industry, allowing you to tailor your communications with laser precision.

You launch a revolutionary new product – a retinol serum designed for sensitive skin. Instead of blasting your entire customer list, Klaviyo's segmentation allows you to focus your campaign. Target those who have: 1) Purchased from your skincare line in the past, 2) Indicated "sensitive skin" in their customer profile, and 3) Opened past emails specifically about anti-aging solutions. This highly targeted approach ensures your exciting new product launch reaches the audience most likely to be interested, maximizing engagement and conversions.

Data-Driven Personalization

Klaviyo turns customer data into your secret ingredient for crafting effective email campaigns. This isn't just about inserting a customer's name. Think hyper-personalized product recommendations based on a shopper's previous purchases and browsing behavior. Imagine emails that automatically adjust content based on a customer's stated skincare concerns. This level of personalization makes customers feel truly seen and understood, leading to increased engagement and sales.

Sarah, a loyal customer, receives an email titled "Upgrade Your Skincare Routine, Sarah!" It's not generic. Instead, it prominently features products hand-picked for her – a hydrating toner based on her previous purchases, a vitamin C serum addressing her stated concern about dullness, and a moisturizer from the same line as her current favorite. This level of personalization driven by Klaviyo's data insights makes her feel like your brand truly understands her needs, increasing her likelihood to try those new products.

Powerful Automation Workflows

Automation is key when it comes to delivering the right message at the right time throughout a beauty customer's journey with your brand. Klaviyo excels at building sophisticated automated flows. These include tailored welcome series differentiated for various skin types, abandoned cart reminders that feature the specific product left behind, replenishment sequences timed perfectly based on typical product usage, and loyalty reward programs that evolve as a customer spends more. Automating these touchpoints saves you time, ensures a consistent brand experience, and nurtures long-term customer relationships.

A new customer, Emily, adds your best-selling cleanser to her cart but abandons the checkout process. Klaviyo's automated flow kicks in. Emily receives a reminder email showcasing the cleanser with glowing customer reviews. Still hesitant? A few days later, a follow-up email arrives, offering a limited-time discount code just for her. This automated, personalized nudge, timed perfectly, is often all it takes to turn an abandoned cart into a completed purchase, ultimately driving greater revenue for your beauty brand.

Klaviyo Best Practices for Beauty & Skincare

1. Segmentation Mastery

Klaviyo segmentation is where you truly understand your beauty customers. Go beyond basic demographics (age, location) and delve into purchase history (favorite products, frequency of orders), self-identified skin types or concerns, and even engagement with reviews left on other products. This allows you to craft hyper-targeted campaigns that resonate deeply with different segments of your audience.

Imagine a new product launch focused on mature skin concerns. Instead of a generic blast, a targeted campaign goes out only to the segment of your list that fits the ideal demographic and has previously purchased from your anti-aging skincare line. This precision increases the likelihood of engagement and conversions.

Take segmentation to the next level with personalized videos. You could send a video to your "oily skin" segment introducing a new cleanser, addressing their common concerns, and offering a limited-time introductory discount. This builds trust far more effectively than a text-only email, driving conversions and establishing your brand as one that understands its customers' individual needs.

2. Irresistible Subject Lines

Your subject line is like the enticing display window of a beauty store – capturing attention is crucial. Klaviyo's A/B testing tools allow you to get data-driven about what works best for your specific beauty audience. Test different approaches: emojis vs. no emojis, questions vs. statements, personalized offers vs. curiosity-driven teasers. Klaviyo lets you track open rates in real-time, ensuring your subject lines are always optimized for maximum impact.

Data is your best friend here. Analyze past campaigns in Klaviyo – did open rates spike when you used a customer's first name in the subject line? Did a sense of urgency ("Final Hours for Early-Bird Discount") perform better than a product-focused approach? Use those insights to refine your subject line strategy over time.

Take personalization to an attention-grabbing level! Imagine a short, attention-grabbing personalized video snippet embedded directly within your email subject line. A customer seeing their name, or a quick flash of a product they were browsing, combined with a compelling text subject line creates an irresistible urge to open that email.

3. Compelling Email Content

Visuals are paramount in the beauty industry. Klaviyo lets you seamlessly integrate high-quality product images that showcase your products in their best light. But don't stop there! Encourage and feature user-generated content – customer photos and videos using your products build social proof and make your emails feel authentic. Additionally, consider educational content like ingredient breakdowns or short "how-to" videos – this positions your brand as knowledgeable and builds trust.

Customer-centricity means going beyond simply listing product features. Tap into Klaviyo's data insights. Focus on the benefits your products provide, address customer pain points (reducing wrinkles, calming sensitive skin, etc.), and personalize content based on their past purchases or interests. Did a customer leave a review mentioning their struggle with acne? A follow-up email with resources and product suggestions demonstrates attentiveness.

This is where Maverick truly shines! Embed personalized videos directly within your emails. Instead of a static tutorial, feature a personal product demo video addressing a customer by name. Celebrate a loyalty program milestone with a celebratory video. This adds a dynamic and engaging element to your emails, making your beauty brand stand out and driving deeper customer connections.

4. Automated Flows that Convert

Klaviyo's automation capabilities let you create flows that nurture customers throughout their journey and maximize conversions. Let's focus on essential flows specific to the beauty industry:

  • Welcome Series: Create a series that introduces new customers to your brand, emphasizes your key values (natural ingredients, cruelty-free, etc.), and strategically offers incentives based on their sign-up source.
  • Abandoned Cart Recovery: Klaviyo's abandoned cart flows are powerful. Include the abandoned item(s), offer a time-sensitive discount, or highlight customer testimonials to nudge shoppers towards purchase completion.
  • Win-back Campaigns: Target customers who haven't purchased in a while with personalized content. Remind them of products they loved, offer a special discount tied to their purchase history, or invite them back with new product launches that cater to their identified skin concerns.
  • Replenishment Reminders: Anticipate when a customer might be running low on their favorite cleanser or moisturizer with flows that suggest reordering.
  • Cross-sells Based on Purchase History: Suggest complementary products based on past purchases, creating additional sales opportunities.

Personalize each step of those flows! Introduce your brand with a video welcoming new subscribers by name. Send an abandoned cart video featuring a quick demo of the product left behind. Win back inactive customers with a video offering exclusive savings and addressing the potential reasons they may have drifted away.

5. Utilizing SMS

Incorporating SMS into your Klaviyo strategy creates a robust omnichannel approach for beauty marketing. SMS allows for timely, highly visible communication directly to your customers' phones. Think of it as the express checkout line for quick, attention-grabbing updates.

Strategically utilize Klaviyo's SMS features for short, impactful messages. These include new product drops with exclusive early access, limited-time flash sales or promotions, and back-in-stock alerts for high-demand items. Since SMS has inherently higher open rates than email, reserve it for those truly time-sensitive or exciting offers.

While SMS generally focuses on text, consider an innovative twist! Offer the option to receive certain Klaviyo flows via text, with an embedded personalized video instead. Send a new product launch via text, with a short video showcasing its features and benefits. This creates a unique and memorable experience, deepening engagement and driving sales.

6. Tracking Results & Optimizing

Data is your best friend for maximizing the success of your beauty brand's Klaviyo campaigns. Klaviyo's robust analytics dashboard provides invaluable insights. Pay close attention to these key metrics:

  • Open Rates: This indicates how effective your subject lines and preheader text are at enticing customers to open your emails.
  • Click-through Rates (CTR): Measures engagement with your email content. Are your calls-to-action compelling, and are offers or content resonating with your audience?
  • Conversion Rates: The ultimate measure of email success—what percentage of recipients took the desired action (purchase, subscription, etc.)?
  • Revenue per Recipient: Tracks how much revenue each email subscriber generates on average, this is a crucial metric for understanding the overall ROI of your Klaviyo efforts.

Klaviyo empowers you to optimize campaigns over time. Use A/B testing to compare subject lines, email designs, even the timing of automated flows. Analyze past campaigns–which offers yielded the highest conversions? What content drove the most clicks? Use these data insights to continually refine your strategy, boosting those metrics and ultimately driving more success for your beauty brand.

The Maverick Difference: Amplifying Your Klaviyo Success

Klaviyo provides the powerful tools, and Maverick adds the charismatic personality that transforms your email marketing from ordinary to unforgettable. Imagine a welcome series where instead of just text, a new subscriber receives a personalized video message – you greet them by name, introduce your brand story, and offer a tailored product suggestion based on their quiz responses. This human touch immediately builds trust and rapport.

Maverick elevates every stage of your automated Klaviyo flows. Those abandoned cart reminders? A personalized video showcasing the forgotten product and addressing potential hesitations can nudge customers towards completion far more effectively than text alone. Replenishment emails become delightful reminders with a video demonstrating exactly how to use the product for best results.

Personalized videos embedded within your Klaviyo campaigns drive engagement, deepen customer relationships, and create a memorable experience strongly associated with your beauty brand. This heightened engagement and trust directly translate into increased conversions and long-term brand loyalty, ultimately boosting the success of your Klaviyo investment.


Klaviyo is like having a team of expert email marketers working tirelessly behind the scenes for your beauty brand. It provides the advanced tools for segmentation, personalization, and automation, empowering you to send the right message to the right customer at the right time.

But here's the thing – even the most perfectly crafted email can feel a bit flat. That's where Maverick comes in, adding a dose of personality and a dash of "wow" that takes your Klaviyo campaigns to the next level. Personalized videos build trust, make your brand irresistibly relatable, and transform those emails from promotions to experiences your customers truly look forward to receiving.

Ready to give your email marketing a stunning makeover? Ditch those generic blasts and embrace the power duo of Klaviyo and Maverick. Let's craft personalized email experiences that have your beauty customers raving (and hitting that "add to cart" button more often!).

Maverick uses AI-generated video to help ecommerce stores have personalized interactions with each of their customers across their journey. Start boosting your customers’ lifetime value (LTV) today with personal videos at scale!

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