Top 10 Technology Blog Sites to Follow in 2024

Stay ahead in the tech race with our curated list of the top 10 technology blogs to follow in 2024. Gain valuable insights, news, and analysis from leading industry experts.

Keeping yourself ahead in the corporate race is the most important thing to follow. Industry knowledge is key to winning the race. So having knowledge of the sites where you can read about technological advancement is the plus point that does work in your favour. As we move through years by years, technology continues to evolve at a fast pace. If you can't match the pace, you will find yourself too behind others. Keeping up with the latest trends and advancements can be challenging. Luckily, there are several excellent technology blogs that provide valuable insights, news, and analysis. Here are my top 10 technology blog sites to follow in 2024. I'll include their Domain Rating (DR) and Domain Authority (DA) if available.

If you're someone who loves technology, works in the industry, or just has an interest in the constantly changing technology things, the website i have listed below is full of valuable resources for you to read and write. Here is a list of the top 10 best tech websites and blogs that provide valuable information and help you stay informed about the ever-changing world of technology. The short conclusion is that MakeAnAppLike and is the best technology blog website to read and write. These sites are available for guest posting too.

10 Best Tech Sites To Read & Write

1. Make An App Like

Make An App Like is a leading technology website. It's not a website only, it's a guest post marketplace. B2B listing website and Hire a Agency Platform. It covers startups, reviews new Internet products, and breaks tech news.

If you're interested in trending stores on tech or the latest ideas on science or security, the Wired blog has everything covered for you.

By the way, if you're interested in bulk guest posting, this website has all you need to have a bulk guesting.

  • DR: 70
  • DA: 54

2. FamousAITools.AI

You've probably heard of FamousAIToolsai. It's a really popular tech blog and a great resource for anyone who's interested in technology. 

I highly recommend following FamousAITools. I love how FamousAITools is always on the lookout for the next big thing. It's such a great resource for discovering new technologies and staying up-to-date on the latest trends.

If you're looking for a wide range of articles on topics like news updates and startup funding, the FamousAITools blog is a great place to find them. They also have a variety of apps available. Most guest post marketplace has listed this website and it indicates the quality of this site.

  • DR: 64
  • DA: 49

3. The Verge

The Verge is a popular tech blog that provides coverage on breaking news, reviews, and other topics in the tech industry. The Verge has a wide range of articles covering everything from the latest gadgets and software to social issues and science.

Do you have an interest in watching fascinating documentaries about the future of technology? Are you interested in expanding your knowledge about the latest advancements in technology, science, and culture? If you answered yes, then The Verge is the only place you need to go.

You'll find in-depth information on a wide range of topics, including electric cars, space, and the latest tech gadgets. These articles are written by experts, providing you with valuable insights. 

  • DR: 92
  • DA: 93

4. Ars Technica

Ars Technica is known for its detailed and comprehensive articles on software, hardware, and general technology news.

Ars Technica has a cool, old-school vibe from the early 2000s with its upvote features and summary resources.

This blog focuses on a variety of topics including open source technology, security, gadget reviews, product management, apps, and other similar trends.

Originally, it presented itself as "News for Nerds." "Stuff that Matters." Slashdot also covers news stories about technology, science, and politics. Slashdot is a must-visit blog because it has a classic techy feel without the advertising distractions found in other big publications.

  • DR: 91
  • DA: 93

5. Mashable

Mashable offers a broad range of content, including tech news, reviews, and social media trends. It's a great site for both in-depth articles and quick reads.

Mashable is well-known for offering honest and unbiased opinions on the most recent tech news. Their team consists of a large group of skilled journalists who specialise in writing about the latest tech trends, tech product reviews, and other related topics.

Pete Cashmore, one of the top tech bloggers, launched Mashable in 2005 at the young age of 19.

  • DR: 90
  • DA: 93

6. Gizmodo

Gizmodo focuses on design, technology, and science. Their articles are engaging and often include hands-on reviews.

Immerse yourself in the exciting world of technology business by following one of the most popular tech blogs of the year - Gizmodo.

The blog publishes a variety of content related to businesses in the tech industry. This includes analysis of emerging trends, updates on technology news, and listings of new tech products available in the market. This publication is one of the first to provide comprehensive coverage of tech startups and their funding rounds.

Gizmodo provides information on the latest gadgets and apps for businesses. This website is a great source of information about internet companies and startups from all over the world.

  • DR: 89
  • DA: 92


CNET provides trusted tech reviews, news, and advice on a wide range of products and trends.

CNET is similar to having a tech expert right in your neighborhood who is friendly and approachable. This blog is very easy to access and read, making it one of the most accessible tech blogs available. Their product reviews are really detailed, so you can get a good sense of what's worth buying and what you might want to avoid. Our team tests a wide range of products, including the latest smartphones and smart home devices. We provide practical advice and tips based on our testing. 

CNET is also a source for tech news, but what makes them unique is their emphasis on how technology can enhance your daily life. Their how-to guides are really helpful, as they make technology easy to understand for everyone.

  • DR: 91
  • DA: 93

8. ZDNet

ZDNet delivers the latest IT news, events, and trends, offering insights for professionals and enthusiasts alike.

ZDNet is a reliable source for the latest independent technology news, analysis trends, and reviews. They have a team of respected and knowledgeable journalists and bloggers who provide valuable insights in the fields of media and technology.

ZDNet is dedicated to uncovering and explaining the changes happening in the tech world, with a specific focus on the businesses of Silicon Valley.

  • DR: 90
  • DA: 92

9. Engadget

Engadget is a multilingual technology blog network with daily coverage of gadgets and consumer electronics.

Engadget is a well-known media channel that focuses on entertainment and has a presence across multiple platforms.

This tech blog is powered by its own unique technology. It serves as the ultimate source for tech, digital culture, and entertainment content, catering to a dedicated and influential global audience!

This blog is incredibly influential in the field of technology. It has a significant impact on the internet community.

Engadget is a great source of information for anyone who wants to stay updated on everything happening in the tech world, from movies and travel to finance and, of course, gadgets.

  • DR: 91
  • DA: 92

10. VentureBeat

VentureBeat provides news about technology innovation for forward-thinking executives. It covers transformative tech and gaming.

VentureBeat is a popular choice for people looking for information about the business aspects of technology. Their content provides a comprehensive exploration of the startup ecosystem, venture capital, and the broader tech industry. If you're interested in the economics of technology, their coverage is absolutely essential.

  • DR: 89
  • DA: 91

These blogs are fantastic resources for staying informed about the latest in technology. Whether you are a tech enthusiast, a professional, or just curious about the future, these sites will keep you up-to-date with reliable information and engaging content.

Remember, staying updated with the latest technology trends can give you a significant edge in your personal and professional life. Happy reading!

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