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Do you want to improve your real estate marketing? Then you should consider utilizing AI tools to achieve this. By incorporating AI-generated video and AI video generators, real estate marketers can significantly enhance customer experiences and increase click-through rates, ultimately driving conversions.

In this blog post, we'll delve into the potential of AI tools for real estate marketing, including leveraging the power of video marketing through AI video maker technologies. We'll also provide practical implementation advice, helping you unlock new marketing capabilities with the best AI tools available in the market.

What are AI Tools and How Can They Help Real Estate Marketers?

AI tools, both commercial and non-commercial, are sophisticated programs simulating human intelligence. These tools are pivotal for real estate marketers, especially in tasks like trend spotting, deciphering consumer behavior, and generating insights.

With the integration of generative AI, real estate marketing can be revolutionized through personalized email marketing campaigns and AI-generated video content, enhancing customer engagement. AI tools also streamline lead generation, customer segmentation, and data analysis, optimizing the overall marketing strategy.

Moreover, by using AI video generators, real estate marketers can create high-quality video content efficiently, boosting click-through rates and enhancing customer service. This automation not only saves time and resources but also significantly elevates the client experience in the real estate sector.

ChatGPT - AI-Powered Chatbot for Real Estate

ChatGPT, an AI-powered chatbot developed by OpenAI, is transforming real estate marketing with its advanced capabilities in customer service and lead generation. This chatbot utilizes natural language processing (NLP) to understand and respond to customer inquiries, providing personalized support.  It's an excellent tool for real estate marketers, aiding in customer lifetime value enhancement by offering tailored advice and handling inquiries efficiently.

ChatGPT also excels in marketing by email, as it can identify potential leads and automate follow-up email campaigns, thereby optimizing the conversion rate optimization (CRO) process. It can also provide you with best practices for email marketing and will help you implement them, like including unsubscribe links in your emails. This versatile tool demonstrates how integrating the best AI tools into real estate can significantly improve customer interaction and marketing effectiveness.

Benefits of AI Tools to Real Estate Marketers

AI tools offer a myriad of benefits for real estate marketers, notably in the realms of customer service, marketing automation, and CRO. By automating steps in the marketing process, such as utilizing AI-generated video content, real estate professionals can enhance customer engagement and increase click-through rates.

These tools also allow for the personalization of email marketing campaigns, using insights gained from AI analysis to tailor content to individual customer preferences, thereby improving customer lifetime value. With AI, real estate marketers can optimize their strategies, providing superior customer experiences while maximizing their marketing efficiency and effectiveness.

AI Tools to Enhance Customer Experience

Leveraging AI tools significantly enhances customer experience in real estate marketing. For instance, AI-powered chatbots, a cornerstone of customer service, can provide immediate, personalized responses to customer inquiries.

Additionally, generative AI is revolutionizing how automated video content is created, enabling the production of high-quality, AI-generated videos tailored to individual preferences, thereby boosting customer engagement and CRO.

Furthermore, AI-powered email marketing software can automatically create personalized emails based on customer data, enhancing the overall customer experience and potentially increasing click-through rates and customer lifetime value.

Generative AI Videos - Automating Video Creation

Generative AI videos, a form of AI-generated video content, are revolutionizing real estate marketing with their ability to automatically create customized, high-quality videos. These tools, including AI video generators and AI video makers, offer real estate marketers a seamless way to produce engaging content like interactive property tours and explainer videos.

The incorporation of text-to-video AI technology in these generative AI videos enhances their versatility, allowing for efficient conversion of written content into compelling video narratives. This innovative approach to video marketing is pivotal in engaging viewers and boosting CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization), making it an essential asset for modern real estate marketing strategies.

AI Video Generator - Automating Video Creation

AI video generators, a crucial tool in the realm of AI-generated video, are transforming the way real estate marketers create content. These AI-powered tools efficiently utilize existing images and videos to produce engaging content, such as explainer videos, interactive property tours, and video advertisements.

Significantly enhancing video marketing efforts, AI video generators can tailor content to specific audiences, increasing the click-through rate and thereby boosting CRO. For instance, they can generate videos from property images, embedding customized messages aimed at potential buyers, leading to a more personalized customer experience and potentially higher conversion rates.

Best AI Tools for Real Estate Marketers

There are several choices when it comes to AI marketing tools for real estate. The top artificial intelligence marketing tools for real estate include:

  1. Zillow 3D Home: Allows realtors to create virtual tours of properties using AI-generated 3D models. This tool allows you to create a 3D model of the property and make it available for the clients to walk through the property virtually.
  2. SmartDraw: Uses AI to create floor plans and property layout diagrams. It is an intelligent floor plan software that helps realtors and architects to create detailed and accurate floor plans, elevations and sections of the property.
  3. RealtyMogul: Offers AI-powered property search and investment recommendations. It uses machine learning algorithms to analyze data on properties and provide recommendations to investors and realtors.
  4. RealCrowd: A platform that uses AI to identify and analyze real estate investment opportunities. It uses machine learning algorithms to analyze data on properties and provide recommendations to investors and realtors.
  5. Matterport: A platform for creating immersive 3D and virtual reality experiences of properties. It allows realtors to create interactive 3D models of properties and make them available for virtual tours.
  6. Haus: An AI-powered real estate search and investment platform. It uses machine learning algorithms to analyze data on properties and provide recommendations to investors and realtors.
  7. Homie: An AI-powered virtual homebuying assistant. This tool uses natural language processing and machine learning to communicate with buyers, answer their questions and assist them through the homebuying process.
  8. Roof Ai: AI-powered software that generates cost estimates for roofing projects. It uses machine learning algorithms to analyze data on properties and provide estimates for roofing projects.
  9. RealAtom: An AI-powered commercial real estate lending platform. It uses machine learning algorithms to analyze data on properties and provide recommendations on commercial real estate lending opportunities.

Tips for Implementing AI Tools in Your Real Estate Marketing Strategies

When integrating AI tools into real estate marketing, clarity in strategy is key. A clear plan helps identify the best AI tools, such as generative AI for creating dynamic content or AI video generators for engaging property showcases. Incorporating these tools into existing marketing tactics, particularly email marketing campaigns and video marketing, can optimize their effectiveness.

Regular testing and analysis of these tools, focusing on metrics like click-through rate and customer engagement, are essential. This allows for continual refinement, ensuring that the AI tools align with marketing goals and contribute effectively to customer lifecycle value and overall marketing success. An AI development company can provide insights and expertise in this matter.

The more personal the better

Another great use of AI in the real estate space has to do with personalization. Imagine being able to scalably develop personal connections with each one of your prospects and customers from just one simple video recording. Using AI-generated personalized videos is a great way for realtors to stand out in the competitive real estate market.

By using a tool like Maverick, realtors can easily create personalized videos at scale for all of their real estate prospects and customers. With Maverick you only record yourself once and its AI will generate and send multiple versions of your video where you greet each prospect or customer by name.

Using AI-generated personalized videos allows realtors to reach a larger audience in a more efficient and effective way. It also provides a unique and engaging way to showcase properties and build trust with potential clients. By using Maverick, realtors can easily create and send personalized videos at scale, helping them to stand out and increase their chances of making a sale.

This approach not only enhances customer service but also potentially improves customer lifetime value, as personalized interactions can lead to longer, more fruitful relationships with clients. Additionally, by optimizing the click-through rate of these personalized video marketing campaigns, realtors can see a significant impact on their CRO, making AI-generated videos a valuable tool in their marketing arsenal.


Real estate marketing could be revolutionized by AI tools. By leveraging these technologies, real estate marketers can not only save time and money but also enhance customer service and improve customer lifetime value. AI tools like Maverick enable the generation of AI-generated personalized videos, which significantly boost click-through rates and aid in Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO).

These tools facilitate personalized experiences and automate aspects of the marketing process, crucial for effective email marketing campaigns and video marketing strategies. For real estate marketers aiming to elevate their marketing strategies, implementing AI tools can lead to more engaging customer interactions and higher conversions, demonstrating their potential as the best AI tools in the industry.

Maverick uses AI-generated video to help ecommerce stores have personalized interactions with each of their customers across their journey. Start boosting your customers’ lifetime value (LTV) today with personal videos at scale!

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