Best AI SMS Marketing Tools for CPG Brands

Think of AI as your secret weapon for crafting personalized texts that resonate. With the right tools, you can analyze shopper behavior, target them with laser-focused offers, and deliver timely texts that feel less like spam and more like insider tips from a clued-in friend. Ready to transform your SMS strategy into a conversion machine? AI is here to help boost both sales and customer loyalty.

In the cutthroat world of CPG marketing, your SMS strategy is like a killer elevator pitch. You have precious seconds (and limited characters) to grab a consumer's attention, offer something truly irresistible, and leave them wanting more. Miss the mark, and your text gets swiped left into oblivion faster than a stale chip.

The good news? Consumers are increasingly turning to SMS to interact with brands and discover new products. The trick for CPG companies is to stand out in that crowded inbox. It's time to ditch those generic "limited-time offer" blasts and embrace the power of AI-powered SMS marketing.

Think of AI as your secret weapon for crafting personalized texts that resonate. With the right tools, you can analyze shopper behavior, target them with laser-focused offers, and deliver timely texts that feel less like spam and more like insider tips from a clued-in friend. Ready to transform your SMS strategy into a conversion machine? AI is here to help boost both sales and customer loyalty.

Understanding AI-Powered SMS Marketing for CPG Brands

AI SMS marketing tools within the CPG world operate like a hyper-observant personal shopper. They constantly analyze and dissect customer data: past purchases, that time they lingered on the low-carb cereal page, even their engagement with past SMS campaigns. Here's where AI goes beyond the obvious for CPG brands:

  • Nuanced Understanding of Cravings: AI doesn't just see a repeat purchase; it detects patterns. Did a customer switch to your gluten-free snacks after primarily buying regular ones? That's a potential health focus that AI can utilize for more relevant offers.
  • Timing is Key for Impulse Buys: Consider a snack brand. AI might recognize a customer regularly restocks on their favorite chips on Friday afternoons. A well-timed SMS with a "treat yourself" vibe before the weekend could be incredibly effective.
  • Counterintuitive Can Work: Sometimes, AI might suggest promoting something outside a customer's usual purchases. Based on browsing data, perhaps a shopper interested in protein bars would also respond positively to a text about your tasty new energy drink.

The Power of Insight-Driven SMS

This deep understanding of your customers fuels a level of personalization possible only with AI, specifically within the CPG space:

  • Hyper-Relevant Offers: Forget those generic blasts. AI-powered tools can deliver SMS offers tailored to individual tastes, dietary needs, and even purchase cycles.
  • Maximizing Limited Space: Text messages are short by nature. AI helps you pack a punch by ensuring every word counts, personalizing offers and language to maximize the limited real estate.
  • Ethical Considerations It's crucial to remember that with great personalization power comes great responsibility! Always prioritize transparency in data use and give customers clear ways to opt in or out, ensuring trust remains a core part of your brand values.

Tool 1: Maverick

Maverick stands out with its core strength: AI-generated personalized videos that can be embedded directly within SMS messages. The platform allows you to record single video templates (like a new product announcement or a thank you) and have AI customize them for each customer. Their name, favorite flavors, or other details can be seamlessly woven into the video, driving engagement and building trust – all within an SMS.

Maverick's strength lies in fostering a strong brand-customer connection. Consider a new CPG snack brand. They could send a personalized welcome video via SMS, featuring a selection of snacks tailored to flavor preferences a customer indicated when signing up, along with a "just for you" discount code. This level of individual attention stands out and establishes your brand as one that goes the extra mile.

Tool 2: Attentive

Attentive excels at using AI to personalize SMS campaigns based on real-time user behavior. The platform can analyze browsing activity, cart status, purchase history, and other data points to identify patterns and preferences. This allows Attentive to excel at delivering timely, highly relevant messages tailored to each individual customer's actions and interests.

This makes Attentive particularly powerful for CPG brands looking to capitalize on specific customer behaviors. Imagine a customer browsing your gluten-free snack section. Attentive's AI could trigger an SMS featuring a personalized selection of those snacks, along with a time-sensitive discount code, increasing the likelihood of conversion.

Tool 3: ManyChat

ManyChat stands out by combining SMS marketing with chatbot technology and AI-powered automation. The platform allows CPG brands to create interactive, conversational experiences through text messaging. This conversational approach, powered by AI, makes it ideal for gathering customer feedback, preferences, and other valuable data.

ManyChat's strength lies in driving engagement and personalization through two-way conversations. Consider this use case for a CPG brand: they launch an SMS-based quiz to help customers discover their ideal snack flavor. ManyChat's AI can analyze the responses, recommending products tailored to those preferences, and even follow up with a personalized discount offer.

Tool 4:

The core strength of (formerly MobileMonkey) core strength lies in its AI-powered automation capabilities for SMS marketing. The platform allows you to set up sophisticated trigger-based SMS campaigns, sending personalized messages or offers in response to specific customer actions or events. MobileMonkey's AI also excels at automating conversations, handling frequently asked questions or providing support without the need for constant human intervention.

This makes MobileMonkey a powerful tool for CPG brands looking to enhance loyalty programs and streamline customer support. Imagine a customer with a birthday coming up. MobileMonkey's AI could trigger an SMS with a celebratory discount code and a link to chat with a bot for assistance if they have any questions about redeeming their reward.

Tool 5: Postscript

Postscript specializes in SMS marketing tailored specifically for ecommerce businesses. The platform integrates seamlessly with popular ecommerce platforms and leverages AI to analyze customer data for advanced segmentation and personalization. Postscript's AI can identify patterns in purchase history, browsing behavior, and expressed interests to create highly refined customer segments.

This makes Postscript a powerful tool for CPG brands with diverse product lines. Imagine a snack brand with a wide range of flavors. Postscript's AI could segment customers who frequently purchase spicy snacks, allowing the brand to send them targeted SMS alerts when a new spicy flavor launches, maximizing engagement and driving conversions.

Tool 6: Braze

While Braze is primarily an omnichannel marketing platform, its robust AI capabilities make it a valuable tool for orchestrating personalized SMS campaigns. Braze's AI excels at analyzing customer behavior across multiple touchpoints – email, website, SMS, social media – to build a holistic understanding of each individual. This cross-channel data analysis allows Braze to dynamically fine-tune SMS content and timing based on actions taken in other channels.

This makes Braze ideal for CPG brands focused on delivering a consistent brand experience across all interactions. Consider a customer who opened several emails featuring a new product but didn't convert. Braze's AI could trigger an SMS follow-up, tailoring the message and offer based on that previous email engagement, creating a seamless customer journey.

Tool 7: Cordial

Cordial's core strength lies in its ability to use AI to optimize messaging across a variety of channels, including SMS, email, and more. The platform's AI analyzes customer data from all touchpoints, seeking to uncover patterns and preferences that can inform the content, timing, and cadence of your marketing communications. This cross-channel approach ensures that your SMS campaigns are aligned with your overall marketing strategy, maximizing consistency and impact.

Cordial's strength shines with its potential for synergistic campaigns. Imagine a CPG brand promoting various breakfast items across email channels. Cordial's AI could analyze previous purchases and identify customers who frequently buy your granola. It might then trigger an SMS with a complementary offer, bundling a discount on your yogurt or a recipe suggestion, driving both upsells and customer satisfaction.

Tool 8: Voyage SMS

Voyage SMS stands apart with its focus on AI-powered SMS marketing solutions designed specifically for ecommerce businesses. The platform's AI analyzes customer behavior patterns, purchase history, and lifecycle data to tailor SMS communications accordingly. Voyage SMS excels at identifying different customer lifecycle stages, such as new subscribers, lapsed purchasers, or high-value loyal customers.

This lifecycle focus makes Voyage SMS particularly effective for CPG brands looking to drive retention and conversions. For example, imagine a customer who hasn't made a purchase in several months. Voyage SMS's AI could recognize this lapse and trigger an SMS campaign featuring a personalized "we miss you" discount or offer to win them back.

Top 5 Best Practices for CPG SMS Success with AI

  1. Personalize with Precision

AI goes beyond simply including a customer's name. Analyze their past purchases, browsing patterns, and even dietary preferences (if ethically obtained) to tailor offers and recommendations with laser-like focus. This could involve suggesting new gluten-free snacks to a customer with sensitivities or highlighting the boldest flavors for a spice lover.

  1. Timing is Everything

AI can help you pinpoint the perfect moments to reach customers via SMS. It can analyze individual open rates or purchase cycles to determine when they're most likely to engage. This might mean sending a midweek treat promotion to customers who often shop on Wednesdays, or prompting a restock reminder at their typical repurchase time.

  1. Respect the Space

SMS marketing is about making an impact with minimal words. Use AI to refine your messaging, ensuring every character delivers value. Personalize the language style, offer a targeted discount, or create a sense of urgency with a time-sensitive deal.

  1. Integrate for Impact

SMS shouldn't exist in a silo. Coordinate SMS campaigns with your email, social media, and other marketing efforts using AI. This could involve following up an abandoned cart email with an SMS reminder, or using social media behavior to segment customers for relevant SMS offers.

  1. Analyze and Adapt

AI isn't just about sending better SMS; it's about learning from them. Utilize AI-powered insights to track open rates, clicks, and conversions for different customer segments. Identify patterns in what resonates and use this data to continuously refine your SMS strategy for even greater CPG marketing ROI.


Let's be honest, in the past, some CPG brand texts felt more like spam than a savvy shopping tip. But with AI-powered SMS marketing tools, it's time for a serious glow-up! Think of AI as your secret weapon for transforming those forgettable texts into personalized conversations that boost both sales and customer loyalty.

AI elevates your SMS game by understanding what makes your customers tick. It analyzes everything from snack preferences to their typical Friday afternoon restock habits. This personalized approach makes each text feel like a recommendation from a friend, building the kind of trust that turns shoppers into brand advocates.

The best part? There's no one-size-fits-all AI solution. Experiment with different AI SMS marketing tools to find the perfect mix for your CPG brand's niche. Get ready to ditch those generic blasts and embrace the power of SMS campaigns that truly resonate with your customers.

As text-to-video AI technology continues to improve, businesses will be able to create even more personalized experiences for their customers. By utilizing AI-generated videos, businesses can create personalized videos at scale, providing a more engaging and personalized experience for their customers without having to hire a human editor.

Maverick uses AI-generated video to help ecommerce stores have personalized interactions with each of their customers across their journey. Start boosting your customers’ lifetime value (LTV) today with personal videos at scale!

Want to see Maverick in action? Tell us your name and we will send you an AI generated personalized video.
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