How to Delight Ecommerce Customers Part 2: Handwritten Notes

This article is the second in our series on how to delight ecommerce customers. We'll dive deep into how handwritten notes can increase customer lifetime value, boost ecommerce sales, and contribute to a well-rounded marketing strategy.

How to Delight Ecommerce Customers Part 2: Handwritten Notes

The need for a human touch becomes more important than ever in today’s digital-first world where automation and algorithms drive most customer interactions. As ecommerce brands look for innovative ways to differentiate themselves, the bar for providing an exceptional customer experience keeps getting higher. When customers are overwhelmed with generic marketing messages and automated responses, personalization can cut through the noise, making your brand memorable and relatable.

Handwritten notes offer a surprisingly effective and often underutilized way to achieve this level of personalization. In an era where digital communication dominates, receiving a tangible, handwritten note can evoke a sense of nostalgia and genuine connection. It's a simple yet potent strategy that can enhance the emotional bonds between a brand and its customers, making them feel valued, heard, and more likely to stay loyal in the long run.

This article is the second in our series on how to delight ecommerce customers. We'll dive deep into how handwritten notes can increase customer lifetime value, boost ecommerce sales, and contribute to a well-rounded marketing strategy. (Check out the first part here)

How Do You Even Delight Customers In The First Place?

Before we delve into the handwritten notes, let's first set the context by understanding what delights customers in ecommerce.

Listening to the Needs of the Customer and Then Chalking a Plan

To delight your customers, it's essential to first understand what they are looking for. Collect data through surveys, customer reviews, and AI tools to get a clearer picture of their needs and preferences. Armed with this information, craft targeted marketing strategies and personalized video messages to meet and exceed their expectations.

Communication - Keeping the Customer in Mind

Clear and transparent communication is the cornerstone of any successful business relationship. From the moment a customer places an order to the time it gets delivered, they should know exactly what's happening. Leveraging Maverick’s AI-generated videos for transactional updates can add a personal touch to these standard communications, thus enhancing the customer experience.

Gaining a Competitive Advantage by Delivering Fast and More

Customers love surprises, especially when it's something they didn't expect but highly appreciate. This could be as simple as early delivery or a small freebie tucked into their package. Offering more than what was promised not only delights your customers but also gives you a competitive edge in the market.

Meeting Evolving Customer Demands and Requests

Ecommerce is a rapidly changing industry, with customer preferences and behaviors evolving just as quickly. Brands that stay ahead of these trends and adjust their services or products accordingly are more likely to delight their customers. Tailoring your product range, website design, and marketing messages in line with emerging trends ensures you stay relevant and engaging.

Offer a Timely Experience

Time is of the essence in ecommerce. Whether it's responding to a customer query within minutes or ensuring on-the-dot delivery, timeliness leaves a lasting impression. Brands that respect the customer's time are often rewarded with loyalty and increased lifetime value.

Empathizing with Them the Best Way Possible

Even the best-laid plans can go awry, and it's how you manage these hiccups that distinguishes your brand. When things go south, an empathetic customer service response can be the difference between losing a customer and converting them into a brand evangelist. Leveraging AI-generated videos to send personalized apology or explanation messages can add an extra layer of sincerity to your efforts.

10 Great Ecommerce Ideas for Handwritten Notes

  1. Thank You Notes

Sending a personalized thank-you note after a customer makes a purchase is a simple yet effective way to show appreciation. It can not only make the customer feel valued but also encourage them to come back for more. A handwritten note can provide a personal touch that stands out in an increasingly digital world.

  1. Special Occasions

Birthdays, anniversaries, and national holidays offer perfect opportunities to send a note. A handwritten note on these special days can make your customer feel individually recognized and deepen their emotional connection with your brand. It shows that you are attentive to details and value your relationship with them.

  1. First-Time Purchase

Acknowledge the customers making their first purchase with a special note thanking them for giving your brand a chance. This can go a long way in establishing a lasting relationship and encouraging repeat purchases. The key here is to make new customers feel welcomed and appreciated.

  1. Long-Time Customer Appreciation

Loyal customers are the backbone of any business, and they deserve recognition. A handwritten note thanking them for their years of patronage can deepen your relationship and promote customer loyalty. It’s a small gesture that can yield big results in terms of customer lifetime value.

  1. Abandoned Cart

Sending a handwritten note to remind customers about the items they’ve left in their cart can be an unexpected but delightful nudge. It shows that you're attentive to their interest in your products and are willing to go the extra mile. This personal touch could be the final push they need to complete their purchase.

  1. Product Tips

Once a customer has made a purchase, consider sending a note that provides tips or recommendations on how to best use the product. This adds value to their purchase and shows you care about their experience with your product. It’s an additional service that can differentiate your brand from competitors.

  1. Personal Milestones

Whenever your company hits a significant milestone, whether it's an anniversary or reaching a specific sales target, share the joy with your customers. A handwritten note can make them feel like they are a part of your success. This fosters community and keeps your customers engaged with your brand.

  1. Seasonal Notes

Whether it's a seasonal holiday, the first day of a new season, or a significant weather event, a timely handwritten note can be a pleasant surprise. These notes can include well-wishes, tips relevant to the season, or exclusive seasonal promotions. It's a refreshing way to stay top of mind for your customers.

  1. Post-Service Feedback

After resolving a customer service issue or fulfilling a special request, send a handwritten note asking for feedback. It shows you value their opinion and are continually striving to improve. Plus, it gives them a direct and personal channel to share their thoughts with you.

  1. Limited-Time Offers

Handwritten notes that include a special, time-sensitive promotion or discount can create a sense of urgency. It’s a unique and personalized way to drive immediate action, be it a purchase or engagement with your brand. Customers are more likely to act on a limited-time offer if it feels exclusive and personally tailored to them.

Tools To Automate And Send These Handwritten Notes To Customers


Handwrytten uses advanced robotic technology to produce handwritten cards that look genuinely crafted by a human hand. This scalability means you can send out hundreds or even thousands of personalized notes without compromising on the authentic look and feel of each one.

The platform also integrates well with various CRM systems, allowing for seamless automation of customer touchpoints. It provides a range of paper and pen options, making each note customizable to fit your brand's aesthetic. Their interface is user-friendly, making it easy for businesses of any size to utilize the service.


Known for notes that are actually written with real pens, SimplyNoted takes authenticity to the next level. The service offers a variety of templates and customization options, enabling you to inject your brand’s unique personality into every note.

It also allows for batch processing, making it convenient for large-scale mail-outs during the holiday season or special sales events. Additionally, it offers an API that enables you to integrate SimplyNoted into your existing customer relationship management tools. For businesses keen on offering a genuinely human touch, this is a go-to platform.


Handwrite is particularly beneficial for ecommerce businesses running on Shopify. It provides automation options that enable you to send out handwritten notes directly triggered by customer behavior or specific sales milestones on your Shopify platform.

This level of automation makes it extremely convenient and timely, ensuring your customers receive notes when they are most impactful. Handwrite also provides a selection of note designs and pen types, enabling customization that aligns with your brand. The tool streamlines the process, making it efficient and effective for customer engagement.


Thankster offers a robust solution for automating handwritten notes and integrates easily with most CRM systems. The platform provides a variety of templates and handwriting styles, allowing for a high degree of customization. Their system is designed to accommodate complex customer journeys, enabling you to automate notes based on specific triggers like abandoned carts or milestone purchases.

This makes the tool particularly useful for businesses looking for both scalability and a personalized approach to customer communication. Plus, it comes with analytics features to help you track the effectiveness of your handwritten note campaigns.

Letter Friend

Letter Friend is a service that specializes in automating handwritten notes for personal and business use. Unlike other platforms, Letter Friend allows for a high level of customization, including the option to replicate your own handwriting style for a truly personal touch. The platform provides an easy-to-use interface where users can input the text for their notes, choose the paper, and even select the type of pen to be used.

Integrating seamlessly with popular CRM systems, Letter Friend makes it simple to send out large volumes of handwritten notes without sacrificing authenticity. The service is ideal for businesses looking to elevate their customer engagement strategies while maintaining a personal, heartfelt connection with their audience..

What Effect Do Handwritten Notes Have on Ecommerce Customers?

Boosts Customer Retention

Handwritten notes can dramatically increase the chances of a customer returning to your online store. When a customer feels appreciated through a personalized note, it creates a memorable experience that separates your brand from faceless e-commerce platforms.

By fostering a sense of personal connection and gratitude, you're not just selling a product but offering an exceptional customer experience. This personalized approach decreases the likelihood that a customer will turn to a competitor for their next purchase. In short, it acts as a gentle, yet effective, retention tool that keeps customers coming back.

Enhances Customer Lifetime Value

Receiving a handwritten note often delights customers to such an extent that they feel a stronger affinity for your brand, encouraging them to spend more in subsequent visits. This acts as a psychological anchor that associates positive emotions with your brand.

Over time, this leads to increased customer loyalty and a higher Customer Lifetime Value (CLV). This is crucial for the long-term profitability of your ecommerce business, as increasing CLV is often more cost-effective than constantly acquiring new customers. In essence, a simple handwritten note can trigger a cycle of increased spending and loyalty.

Builds Emotional Connection

In the digital age, where customer interactions are predominantly online, a handwritten note serves as a tangible touchpoint that adds a human element to the shopping experience. It can make customers feel like they are more than just a transaction number, building an emotional connection that is rare in online shopping.

This emotional bond not only makes the customer feel good but also instills a sense of trust and credibility for your brand. The authenticity radiating from a handwritten note can turn even the most skeptical customers into brand advocates. It elevates the customer experience from transactional to relational.

Differentiates the Brand

With a sea of competitors just a click away, standing out is more important than ever. Sending a handwritten note positions your brand as one that goes the extra mile for its customers, instantly setting you apart from competitors who may offer similar products but not the same level of personalized service.

This differentiation is especially impactful for smaller brands trying to carve out a niche in a crowded marketplace. Moreover, it provides an additional layer of brand identity, enriching the overall narrative around what you stand for and what customers can expect when they shop with you.

Encourages Word-of-Mouth

When customers are delighted, they talk, and there’s no better advertising than positive word-of-mouth. Handwritten notes are unexpected surprises that customers are likely to share on social media or bring up in conversations with friends and family.

This free promotion not only reaches new potential customers but also comes with the added credibility of a personal recommendation. The shareability of your handwritten note can turn a single customer interaction into a ripple effect of positive publicity. Word-of-mouth, accelerated by the unique touch of a handwritten note, can significantly boost brand awareness and credibility.

Chewy: A Case Study Of Success With Handwritten Notes

Chewy, a pet product ecommerce platform, is a great example of how powerful handwritten notes can be in cultivating a loyal customer base. Exiting for a whopping $3.3 billion, Chewy had an integral handwritten note strategy that was far more than a mere afterthought—it was central to their brand identity. Every first-time customer received a handwritten note, which served as an immediate form of genuine connection, endearing the brand to its customers from their very first purchase.

The company went above and beyond by employing a team of artists to paint pet portraits, offering a highly personalized touch that elevated the brand into a realm of customer service few can match. When a pet passes away, they even send out flowers and a handwritten note of condolence, showing that they understand and share in the emotional journeys of their customers. This level of personalization and care undoubtedly contributed to their success, proving that treating customers like family can translate into significant business value.


Handwritten notes might seem old-fashioned in the world of AI-generated videos and other ecommerce AI tools. However, as we've seen, they offer a unique, emotional connection that can significantly impact ecommerce sales and customer satisfaction.

Using handwritten notes alongside cutting-edge solutions like Maverick’s AI-generated videos can provide a comprehensive approach to customer delight, enhancing your Shopify sales and ecommerce strategy as a whole. From gaining a competitive advantage to building long-term customer relationships, personal touches like handwritten notes make all the difference.

Maverick uses AI-generated video to help ecommerce stores have personalized interactions with each of their customers across their journey. Start boosting your customers’ lifetime value (LTV) today with personal videos at scale!

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