Best Shopify Plus Features for Beauty and Skincare Brands

Stand out in the competitive beauty space with Shopify Plus. Transform shoppers into loyal fans and boost sales with its powerful features.

The beauty and skincare arena on Shopify Plus is a dazzling and demanding one. It's like stepping into a virtual Sephora crammed with thousands of brands vying for attention. Sure, you've got stunning product photos and meticulously crafted ingredient lists, but in this competitive landscape, it takes more than just a pretty face to truly stand out.

This is where Shopify Plus becomes your secret weapon, offering advanced features designed to elevate your customer experience from "add to cart" to "obsessed for life." The challenge, and the immense opportunity, lies in harnessing these powerful features to build lasting relationships, nurture loyalty, and drive the kind of sales growth that makes your competitors wish they had your skincare routine.

Shopify Plus: The Backbone of Your Beauty Brand's Success

While Shopify's standard plans are fantastic for many businesses, Shopify Plus is the enterprise-level solution for brands aiming for serious growth and requiring more power under the hood. Think of it as the difference between a pop-up makeup stand and building your own flagship store on Fifth Avenue – it unlocks a new level of functionality, customization, and the ability to handle high volume without breaking a sweat.

Why Shopify Plus over Advanced?

When deciding between Shopify Plus and Advanced, there are a few key factors that are particularly relevant for beauty and skincare brands:

Checkout Customization: Full control over the checkout look, feel, and functionality is crucial for beauty. Shopify Plus allows you to create a seamless, on-brand experience, adding elements like ingredient highlights or the ability to offer samples with purchase to reduce friction and increase conversions.

Wholesale Channels: Many beauty brands expand beyond direct-to-consumer into wholesale. Shopify Plus provides a dedicated wholesale channel, allowing you to manage B2B pricing, catalogs, and ordering separately all within one platform.

API Access for Beauty-Specific Integrations: Shopify Plus offers robust API access, empowering you to connect with the specialized apps and tools becoming essential in the beauty industry. These range from AR/VR try-on experiences, AI-driven skincare consultation tools, to platforms that help you manage influencer campaigns.

Bottom line: Think of Shopify Plus as your expandable, infinitely customizable beauty laboratory, equipped to handle your current needs and any ambitious experiments you dream up for the future.

Essential Shopify Plus Features for Beauty & Skincare

1. Shopify Flow

Think of Shopify Flow as your behind-the-scenes beauty assistant, automating repetitive tasks and creating personalized experiences. For beauty brands, this is a game-changer. With Flow, you can set up automated replenishment reminders for skincare essentials, ensuring customers never run out of crucial products and driving consistent sales. Additionally, Flow allows you to craft intelligent upsell and cross-sell workflows based on a customer's purchase history, suggesting complementary products or offering exclusive bundles, boosting average order value and increasing customer satisfaction.

Flow's beauty lies in its ability to automate those small but impactful touches that build lasting brand loyalty. Imagine a customer receives a personalized reminder to reorder their favorite moisturizer exactly when their current one is likely running low. This proactive approach creates convenience, demonstrates attentiveness, and drives those repeat purchases essential for success in the beauty industry.

2. Shopify Scripts

Shopify Scripts go beyond the standard customization options available in lower-tier plans. Think of them as your expert coder giving you the power to tailor your store's functionality to the specific needs of the beauty sector. With Scripts, you can design unique, engaging promotions like "spend X amount to unlock a free makeup brush set" or create a tier-based loyalty program with exclusive rewards for repeat customers, driving both sales and brand affinity.

Complex product bundling is often a staple of beauty brands, and Shopify Scripts shine here. Scripts allow you to set up custom logic for those bundles. For example, you could create a "Build Your Own Skincare Routine" bundle where the price adjusts dynamically based on product selection, offering personalization and flexibility for customers.

3. Custom Checkout

The checkout is where sales are won or lost, and in the beauty industry, a frictionless experience is paramount. With Shopify Plus, you gain granular control over the look, feel, and functionality of your checkout, ensuring it aligns perfectly with your brand aesthetic. This reduces those moments of uncertainty that lead to customers abandoning their carts – you can reassure them with clear product details, ingredient lists, or even space for testimonials throughout the checkout process, building trust at the most crucial stage.

Additionally, a custom checkout allows you to optimize for beauty-specific purchase drivers. You could include fields for customers to add samples they'd like to try, offer gift-wrapping services with a single click, or seamlessly integrate a final upsell for travel-sized versions of a customer's chosen products – all aimed at driving convenience and increasing purchase value.

4. Launchpad

In the fast-paced world of beauty, product launches, flash sales, and limited-edition collections are crucial for generating excitement and driving sales. Launchpad simplifies the planning and execution of these campaigns, allowing you to schedule everything in advance, down to the exact minute your new lipstick shade goes live or your holiday gift sets become available. This precision control lets you coordinate your social media hype, email teasers, and website updates, creating a cohesive customer experience that maximizes buzz.

Launchpad also grants you the power to seamlessly manage those time-sensitive events. From limiting product availability for exclusive drops, to automated inventory adjustments when a promotion ends, Launchpad ensures your campaigns run smoothly without the fear of manual errors or crashing your site under the surge of excited beauty shoppers.

5. B2B Wholesale Channel

Expanding beyond direct-to-consumer (D2C) sales is a natural progression for many successful beauty brands. Shopify Plus provides a dedicated B2B wholesale channel, allowing you to manage wholesale operations directly within your existing store. This means separate wholesale pricing structures, password-protected areas for retailers, bulk order options, and streamlined order management – all crucial for building strong wholesale relationships.

Managing your D2C and B2B sales within a single platform offers immense advantages. It ensures inventory accuracy across both channels, simplifies reporting, and gives you a centralized view of your brand's overall performance, allowing for data-driven strategies that encompass both sales avenues.

6. Robust Analytics & Integrations

Data is the lifeblood of successful beauty marketing, and Shopify Plus provides advanced analytics tailored to the needs of scaling brands. You gain in-depth insights into customer behavior, product performance, and campaign effectiveness. This goes beyond basic metrics, allowing you to pinpoint which email subject lines work best for your beauty audience or identify specific skincare concerns driving purchase decisions, empowering you to craft marketing messages that resonate powerfully.

Shopify Plus understands that the beauty industry relies on specialized tools and platforms. The Shopify Plus App Store provides a rich ecosystem of integrations with cutting-edge beauty-focused solutions. This might include AR "try-on" apps that reduce product returns, platforms for easily incorporating customer-generated content (photos, reviews) into product pages to build social proof, or tools for managing complex influencer collaborations – all connected effortlessly to your Shopify Plus store.

The beauty of these integrations lies in centralized data. Customer insights gleaned from an AR try-on experience can inform your future product development, or purchase history combined with UGC data can fuel highly personalized marketing campaigns.

5 Best Practices for Shopify Plus Success in Beauty & Skincare

  1. Embrace the Power of Visuals

Shopify Plus allows for stunning, high-resolution product pages. Utilize professional photography, 360-degree product views, videos demonstrating product usage, and if possible, integrated AR/VR try-on experiences. Beauty customers want to envision themselves using your products, so go beyond basic product shots and immerse them in the experience.

Imagine visiting a product page for a new foundation. Instead of just a few standard photos, you're greeted with a 360-degree view allowing you to examine the product from all angles. A short video demonstrates the foundation's application and how it blends seamlessly into skin. And, most impactfully, an AR try-on feature lets you virtually "try on" different shades directly on your own face via your phone camera. This immersive, visual experience eliminates uncertainty and makes you far more confident about clicking "add to cart."

  1. Personalization is King (or Queen)

Shopify Plus empowers you to collect rich customer data, from purchase history to skincare concerns. Leverage this through:

·         Targeted Product Recommendations: Powered by apps and Shopify Flow, suggest products based on previous purchases, skin type, or browsed items.

·         Email Workflows That Speak to Them: Segment customers and create automated flows for skincare routine reminders, personalized birthday discounts, or addressing common concerns for specific skin types, all enhanced by personalized videos from Maverick.

You receive an email with the subject line, "Sarah, Complete Your Skincare Routine!" It's not a generic promotion. Instead, it includes a personalized video highlighting two products specifically recommended based on your previous purchases and indicated skin concerns. This tailored approach feels less like marketing and more like a helpful recommendation from a trusted friend, increasing the likelihood of conversion.

  1. Build Trust with Social Proof

Customer reviews, testimonials, and user-generated content are essential in the beauty industry. Utilize Shopify Plus integrations with platforms specializing in showcasing UGC visually on your product pages. Also consider live-streamed Q&A sessions with experts or influencers to demonstrate product efficacy and build a sense of community around your brand.

Scrolling through a product page for a luxurious eye cream, you notice not just text reviews, but a visually engaging gallery of before-and-after photos from real customers showcasing the visible results. Additionally, a past live-streamed Q&A session with a dermatologist is embedded, where they discussed the product's ingredients and answered common questions. This wealth of authentic social proof builds trust in the product, making you more likely to invest in it.

  1. Subscription Models Drive Success

Many beauty products are based on replenishment. Use Shopify Plus's subscription capabilities (or integrate a dedicated app like Recharge) to offer convenient subscriptions for cleansers, moisturizers, or even curated beauty boxes. This encourages consistent purchases, boosts recurring revenue, and deepens customer loyalty.

You love your current cleanser and never want to run out. Conveniently, the brand offers a subscription option with a slight discount. You choose a delivery interval based on how often you use the product and even select a few samples to try with each refill order. This effortless replenishment ensures you always have your essential product on hand and encourages you to experiment with new items from the brand.

  1. Mastering the Omnichannel Approach

While your Shopify Plus store is the foundation, extend your reach for maximum impact. Consider:

·         Seamless social selling: Let customers purchase directly from your Instagram or Pinterest.

·         Pop-up shop experiences: Use Shopify POS to bridge online and in-person events.

·         Partnerships with relevant retailers: Expand into wholesale with Shopify Plus's B2B channel.

Browsing Instagram, you see a stunning ad for a lipstick shade you've been curious about. Tapping on the ad takes you directly to the product page on the brand's Shopify Plus store, and with just a few clicks, the purchase is complete. Later, the brand hosts a pop-up shop in your city, and you easily use your stored payment information via Shopify POS to purchase a few more items you want to try in person. This seamless connection between their online and offline presence creates a frictionless, enjoyable shopping experience.

The Maverick Difference: Elevating the Power of Shopify Plus

Imagine your powerful Shopify Plus features are like a team of expert makeup artists. Maverick is the personable, charismatic spokesperson who connects with customers on an emotional level, amplifying the impact of those features. Maverick's AI-generated personalized videos integrate seamlessly with virtually any Shopify Plus tool, taking your customer experience from impressive to unforgettable.

Let's break it down: With Shopify Flow's automation, you can trigger a personalized video thanking a customer for their first purchase or reaching a loyalty program milestone. Custom checkout features? Embed a personalized upsell video right on the checkout page, suggesting a product that complements a customer's current purchase. Robust analytics? Incorporate those data insights into hyper-personalized videos that make customers feel understood and valued.

In the beauty industry, personalized video builds trust and fosters a deeper connection. It's the difference between a standard promotional email and a video where a customer sees their name, hears about products specifically chosen for their skin type, or gets a virtual skincare consultation. This level of personal attention drives engagement, strengthens brand loyalty, and ultimately translates into higher conversions and long-term customer relationships.


We've covered quite a bit, from custom checkouts to personalized skincare routines. But here's the thing: Shopify Plus gives you the powerful tools to build a beauty empire. These aren't just features; they're the foundations for exceptional customer experiences that drive serious sales and turn customers into raving fans.

Now, imagine adding Maverick to the mix. It's like giving your Shopify Plus setup a dose of personality, a sprinkle of sparkle that sets you apart. Personalized videos enhance every feature, adding that human touch that transforms transactions into lasting relationships. After all, in the beauty industry, feeling understood and valued is the best kind of glow-up a customer can get.

So, are you ready to elevate your beauty brand on Shopify Plus? Embrace those powerful features, unleash the magic of personalized video with Maverick, and let's get those customers obsessed with your brand, not just your products.

Maverick uses AI-generated video to help ecommerce stores have personalized interactions with each of their customers across their journey. Start boosting your customers’ lifetime value (LTV) today with personal videos at scale!

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